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5 tips to help you create the minimalist home of your dreams

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Interior design is something very personal, there are so many varying approaches to designing the home of your dreams. And thanks to the influx of interior design social media accounts we aren't shy of any inspiration. Over the last few years, making a minimalist home has been a focal point of many design aficionado's. Finding the appropriate solutions to saving space and the planet has been an area that has taken most of the design brain space. We've been looking at ways of being more conscious and thankfully there is new information coming to light on how to achieve these things.

We've seen the way certain trends have provided us solutions on living in a more conscious space. Japanese philosophies such as the Wabi Sabi design principal, and the KonMari method, have given us cause to be mindful. The idea is that we must first look into the 'why' and then lean into the 'how' it's done. Thankfully, we've taken the burden off your shoulders by investigating the 5 most important things to consider first. Being conscious and obtaining a calm and aesthetic atmosphere is something that we should all aim for in our home. As it turns out, these simple tricks are easy enough to achieve.

Why a minimalist home?

According to KonMari consultant Amy Chinitz, before you can even begin to take a step forward with making a more minimal space, you have to cultivate the art of emotional detachment. Chinitz who is also a clinical social worker, claims there is a lot of complexity tied to letting go of things. She states, "The KonMari method is about helping people create a home that reflects the lifestyle they want to lead". Leading a life with purpose comes with looking into why we are doing the things we are doing. Not always an easy task but an essential one in maintaining an open space. When you have a clear vision you are able to keep up with that will support you going forward.

1. Declutter


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A very simple an effective first step to try. Start by stripping back all the non essentials, everything in the space should serve a purpose. If it hasn't been used in some time mindfully recycle it or pass it along elsewhere.


2. Be mindful of what you buy


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Think very carefully before finalising that purchase in your online shopping cart. When we buy mindlessly we fill the space with items that are just that, mindless. A purchase should always be made taking into account careful consideration for the space.


3. Choose only timeless pieces


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A tried and true method when it comes to making the minimalist home of your dreams. Look to history and to the materials that have sustained over time, pages on Instagram and Pinterest like Architectural Digest have some great vintage inspiration when you're needing to find the right long standing piece for your space. Leathers, linens and organic cotton materials never go out of style.


4. Stick to a theme


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The first step in putting together a minimalist home aesthetic should always come down to keeping things light, relaxing and modern. Use warm neutrals to brighten up a space, and of course five points of light can transform a space. Consistency is key here, stick to only using between one-three materials consistently throughout your home.


5. Use multifunctional furniture


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A great rule of thumb here is to look to flexible furniture that can work in a multitude of ways. Looking for benches that double as chairs or perhaps even a humble light oak stool that could work as a side table.

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