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A complete reset — 7 tablescaping trends we’ll be leaning into in 2022

For the umpteenth time over the course of the past two years, we once again find ourselves drifting inward to home comforts. Specifically, the place where friends and family gather to share a meal: the dining table. After all, if we've learned anything from Covid-19, it's that breaking bread with our loved ones is one of life's simple luxuries, one often taken for granted. It's this ritual that remains, when other joys like travel and dancing are off the cards. So as we walk somewhat tentatively into the new year, we're bringing our attention back to the dining table, shedding what no longer serves us and ushering in a new approach to tablescaping — the trends for 2022.

Here to guide us into this future of towering candles, napkin rings and fine china is Carolyn Dorrian, founder of Mrs Tablescape, a luxury destination for all your tablescaping needs, wants and whims. As is the case for our closets, Carolyn predicts that we'll be shirking off minimalism and restraint, and instead opting for bold colours, layers, patterns, and texture. Drawing on the dinner parties of our parents, where eating together was an occasion and should be reflected thusly in the silverware, linens and general table accoutrements.

From reviving the placemat to doing away with minimalism, below Carolyn shares 7 of the tablescaping trends we'll be leaning into in 2022.


Revival of the placemat and tablecloth 


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They look nothing like the much-maligned vinyl or plastic fruit bowl emblazoned sheets that get hidden under your dinner plate – modern placemats are now much trendier and still very useful for protecting your table from spills and scratches. You can eat on them and put them away instead of changing the whole tablecloth.

Practical considerations aside, placemats and tablecloths add warmth and texture to a table, can be mixed and matched to suit your needs and come in all sorts of fun shapes and colours. Once you start using them again, you’ll wonder why you ever stopped!




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Formal entertaining may have waned but more and more sets of china are showing up on social media’s most stylish tablescapes – and for good reason. 2022 will see a continuation of this nostalgic trend as memories of loved ones are evoked through use of Granny’s best crockery. This wistful return to the past is super comforting and best of all, vintage and vintage-style tablewares are affordable, eco-friendly, and if looked after well, will last for ages. They simply don’t make them like they used to!


Be yourself to feel truly at home 


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Science has established that clear links exist between the environment you inhabit and your mental health.

Feeling at home is all about finding the things that really speak to you and creating an environment that reflects that. It feels good to show off who you are! Taking time to put the finishing touches on a lavish spread is soothing for the soul, and results in a feast for the eyes too. So go ahead and cover the walls with photos, hang that piece of art you found on holiday. Collect as many throw cushions as you like, minimalism be damned.

When you give yourself permission to be who you are, you can start to enjoy the freedoms that come with self-expression, whether it’s through a good wardrobe or a well-dressed table. After all, la dolce vita is about having the confidence to enjoy all the good things in life with total abandon. Curating every aspect of your home to make it comfortable and beautiful for you is a must to live well.


Tables as a destination


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At the height of COVID when much of the world was housebound, imaginations within the four walls of many homes soared to far off locales, keen to escape the monotony and boredom of everyday life. In 2022, as we all become used to the new normal of a post-pandemic world, the trend of using dining tables and food as a fun form of escapism remains.

As travel disruptions throw holiday plans up in the air, it’s still highly desirable to transform dining tables into entire destinations. Think Amalfi in the summer with its crystal blue waters and lemon scented air brought to life via rustic painted crockery and richly-dyed linens. Or whisk yourself off to Marrakech with boldly printed napkins, tall candles and delicate cups of mint tea. The sky’s the limit when it comes to where you want to be taken to next.


Maximalism is back — minimalism is out


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2022 is the year to turf the minimalism trend. Visually-rich maximalist homes and tables are spaces to showcase beloved heirloom treasures and lay out aspects of your personality, culture, and family history. You don’t have to confine yourself to a bland palette of neutrals and natural finishes if that doesn’t suit you. A maximalist table will have a cohesive theme, but contain all the extras of a lushly laid out table – linens, plates, glasses, candles and more. It will have colour, height and texture.


70s patterns are making a comeback 


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The 70s gave us macramé, rattan, houseplants, and a sometimes hideous mishmash of clashing brown and orange prints. The playful eclecticism of the era meant the people of the time were unafraid to bring together elements from other eras that inspired them, even if it didn’t always work. A special emphasis on warm colours, soft geometric shapes, swirling patterns and curved edges defined the 70s and its these crucial aspects that are making a comeback in 2022.


Unique pieces you can treasure forever


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That sense of nostalgia that drives the desire to reincorporate old fashioned staples like placemats and tablecloths and bring back retro patterns and colours is the same force behind the restoration of vintage and vintage-look pieces to family heirloom status. 2022 will be a year of mindful consumption, where mass manufactured products are rejected in favour of hand-made pieces that are one-of-a-kind.

A newfound appreciation for the emotional qualities behind every piece will spark joy as we find space for lovingly repurposed vintage pieces in our homes. Fine bone china, crystal and tablewares gilt with gold and silver grace our tables, similar to the tables our grandparents and their parents once sat down at. We’ve finally come full circle and embraced these unique treasures from the past.

You can find all these trends online at Mrs Tablescape.

With the new year offering up a lot in terms of tablescaping trends for 2022, we've curated a list of the brands that will help you bring your tablescaping dreams to life.

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