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5 DIY ways to update your home without having to renovate

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We all want our homes to be as comfy as they possibly can be. And if you're anything like me, you want them to be fresh and well-styled too.

All this extra time spent at home has made me desperate to renovate. Looking at my old acrylic bench-top all day long has me thinking of nothing other than ripping it out and replacing it with the marble stone of my dreams.

But of course, renovations are expensive. As I've just found out, they are in fact very expensive. So this isn't an option for everyone. And while many of us are big supporters of a DIY approach, some parts of updating a kitchen or even installing floorboards require a licensed tradesperson.

So, what to do? Well, there are actually a number of changes and DIY ways to update your home without calling in a renovation team. These simple changes can breathe new life into your space, and all you'll need is a screwdriver, a brush and enough time to make a trip to Bunnings.


Replace your door handles

While your front door has a some complicated locking mechanism, your internal doors probably don't. Replacing these is just a matter of unscrewing the old one and screwing in the new one. Most door handles are standard sizes so you don't need to worry about cutting into wood, the correctly-sized hole will already be there. I recently picked out some sleek, matte black options and replaced all my internal doors. It only took one afternoon and it's made a huge impact.


Update kitchen and bathroom cabinet handles


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Swapping out tired chrome handles for trendy black or brushed brass ones can make a real statement in your kitchen and bathroom. Best of all, this is one you can do even if you're renting. Just pop the old handles back on before you hand the keys back to your landlord or agent.

Cabinetry handles are again generally a standard size with standard screws. Measure the distance between the parts of the handle that touch the cabinet, then find something else the same size. It can take less than an hour to replace all the cabinet handles in an entire kitchen - depending on how fast your are with a screwdriver.


Switch your faucets


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Imagine how much nicer your kitchen will look with a matte black, goose-neck faucet with a pull out feature? Yes, this is one you can do yourself too.

It's slightly more complicated but any DIY faucet will come with instructions. It's just a matter of turning off the water connection to your home or apartment, then go under the sink and unscrew the connections to the existing faucet. Pop the new one in and screw it all back in again - just remember to match hot with hot and cold with cold. And of course, remember to turn your water back on.


A new coat of paint


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Painting your apartment or house is stupidly easy. Anyone who is able to stand on a ladder can do it. Again, this is even one you might be able to do while renting. Ask your landlord. Many of them will be completely fine with you giving the place a new lick of paint.

You can get creative here. You don't need to paint the whole place, maybe just make a feature wall? Or use paint to craft a faux bedhead in your bedroom.


Change your lighting


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You can make a big change to the feel of your space by just switching between warm or cool lights. If you know how to change a lightbulb, you can do this one.

Or if you want a bigger impact, update the actual fixture. Many apartments and homes will come with standard oyster lights. You can get new covers for these or even swap out for a statement fixture.


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