Mindfulness matters: finding your zen on World Mental Health Day

We’ve all got our thing, and sooner or later we realise that we all need some sort of strategy to manage our minds and bodies. Therapy doesn’t always have to succeed a major trauma, and coping mechanisms are something we should all develop. In many cases, the managing of our day-to-day lives can elicit enough overwhelming feelings that seeking help outside ourselves becomes paramount.

Whether this be a psychologist, learning meditation, making yoga a part of your weekly routine or a wholistic integration of all of the above, it's only by starting to explore that you begin to learn what works best for you. Forget clinical offices and stiff leather couches, here we’ve curated our favourite therapy and wellness centres for nourishing your body and mind to get you started.

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Tucked away in Sydney’s bustling Surry Hills, The Indigo Project is a sanctuary offering innovative workshops, one-on-one therapy, meditation and yoga classes. Proving they’re not like any other psychology practice, their four-week course (aptly titled Get Your Shit Together) is their most popular program. They even offer a lunch hour nap-time class to help you power through those afternoon deadlines. Goodbye 4pm slump.


If the curved walls, ambient lighting and peach hues of Selph aren’t already soothing enough, the wellness studio also offers acupuncture, remedial massage, physiotherapy, nutrition planning and chiropractic services. If you’ve been swapping the gym for Netflix recently, Selph has a team of practitioners that can create a cohesive plan to help make you leaner, stronger and healthier for a happier mind.

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Just a 10-minute drive from Sydney’s iconic Bondi Beach, The Institute For Healthy Living is a psychology practice that also offers mindful meditation courses. With a range of services and treatments available, the institute prides itself on helping people overcome the challenges that keep them from living a full and rewarding life. Just like our parents always said, a problem shared is a problem halved.

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If the word ‘flourish’ conjures images of Harry Potter, flowers or plants, then this Adelaide project is working their magic. Their aim is to dispel the taboo and stigma associated with psychology and therapy so that tending to your mental health is as normal as going to the dentist, gym, or getting a massage. Book us in.

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Get to know your mind, it’s awesome. This is the mantra embodied by the community behind The Mind Room. Combining the best of neuroscience and psychology, the centre holds workshops, urban retreats and mental conditioning programs, as well as individual therapy sessions. Located in trendy Collingwood, we also recommend stopping by Sense of Self spa.

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