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The Melbourne fashion brands to support over lockdown

While our Melbourne friends continue to battle through some of the toughest stage four restrictions, the rest of Australia (and majority of folks around the world) continue to go about their daily lives. Now with an extended lockdown period in place, local designers are at risk, faced with overwhelming uncertainty and truly difficult times.

Coronavirus seems to be that annoying friend that just won’t leave the party – the one that no-one invited (go away, please leave). There’s no telling how long this period of our lives will last, but one thing is for sure, supporting local labels, shops and designers is paramount.

Buying something new may not be on the cards for everyone right now, and understandably so. If you are able and willing though, lending a hand to support local Australian fashion - especially those currently residing in Melbourne - will go a long way. Our homegrown talent is especially incredible and there are so many pieces available to enjoy and cherish for the years to come.

So, without further ado, we've rounded-up our favourite Melbourne based fashion, accessories and jewellery designers, labels and shops. Know, support and love our homegrown talent, now and forever.



Image credit: @a.emery_@a.emery_.




Image credit: @arnsdorf@arnsdorf.




Image credit: @bulclothing@bulclothing.



By Nye

Image credit: @bynyejewels@bynyejewels.



E Nolan

Image credit: @enolanmelbourne@enolanmelbourne.



Elka Collective

Image Credit: @elka_collective@elka_collective.



Friends With Frank

Image credit: @friendswithfrank@friendswithfrank.




Image credit:



Linden Cook

Image credit: @lindencook@lindencook.




Image credit: @toni_maticevski@toni_maticevski.



Nelson Made

Image credit: @nelsonmade@nelsonmade.



Neuw Denim

Image credit: @neuwdenim@neuwdenim.




Image credit: @niqueclothing@niqueclothing.


Image credit: @nobodydenim@nobodydenim.



Project: Bowman

Image credit: @projectbowman@projectbowman.

Image credit: @scanlantheodore@scanlantheodore.



Shifting Worlds

Image credit: @shiftingworlds@shiftingworlds.



Sister Studios

Image credit: @sisterstudios@sisterstudios.



Strateas Carlucci

Image credit: @strateascarlucci@strateascarlucci.




Image credit: @thurleyofficial@thurleyofficial.



Van Der Kooij

Image credit: @van.der.kooij@van.der.kooij.



Viktoria & Woods

Image credit: @viktoriaandwoods@viktoriaandwoods.



White Story

Image credit: @white_story; @white_story.



William Édouard

Image credit: @williamedouardjewellery@williamedouardjewellery.

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