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Your guide to Melbourne Art Fair 2022

melbourne art fair 2022

As February rolls around, the art world is picking up steam with a trove of new shows and exhibitions to turn to. One event on the calendar of many is the annual Melbourne Art Fair for 2022.

While in previous years the event has made its way online as a necessary manoeuvre in the face of Covid-19, for 2022 Melbourne Art Fair is back to its usual in-person format. Taking place between 17-20 February 2022 at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, there will be 63 leading galleries participating in the fair this year. Expect appearances from local Sydney institutions like Station Gallery, Olsen Gallery, Chalk Horse and Darren Knight, as well as from those based in Melbourne and surrounding regions like, DISCORDIA, Sophie Gannon Gallery and 1301SW.

Not only does Melbourne Art Fair provide the opportunity for attendees to discover a range of solo shows, artists and artwork of scale and significance, of which they can also purchase, but it creates space and exposure for artists both well-cemented and emerging. It is no secret that the arts sector has been most affected by the ongoing lockdowns and restrictions born out of the pandemic, after all it was this bare fact that became the impetus for movements like Thrillsong, #TakeYourSeats and #VaxTheNation.

For those planning on attending Melbourne Art Fair, you can get involved by way of the many Gallery Night's where artists like Julie Rrap and The Huxley's take audiences through their most prominent works, speaking on their process, inspiration, and depending on their medium, a showcase of the latest work via a viewing or even performance.

You can purchase tickets for the event on the Melbourne Art Fair website, where you will also find more details if you so choose.

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Image: Laura Jones, ‘Bushfire Ephemerals’, 2021, oil on linen, 198 x 152cm. Photo: Robin Hearfield. Courtesy the artist and Sophie Gannon Gallery