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At Me Clinic, self-care starts with the skin

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The phrase "skin first" is so overused in the realm of beauty, it's now a cliché. But at Me Clinic this has always been its modus operandi. The company began as a first rate home for cosmetic surgery in Melbourne before eventually spreading to various locations across Australia. Flash forward to 2023, and Me Clinic has eight outposts across the country – Malvern East and Albury, Double Bay and Mosman, Brisbane and the Gold Coast, Bendigo and Mildura – and has clocked up 35 years of experience. Safe to say, they're somewhat of an authority when it comes to keeping up appearances.

Although you may find yourself at Me Clinic for many reasons – the company is experienced in a whole host of treatments, both surgical and non-surgical – we always find ourselves drawn to the ones that centre skin health; think fraxel, laser genesis, and cutera.

For many of us, skincare is more than just the products we lather on our face. It's not uncommon for laser treatments or skin needling to form a large part of our self care routines, too. And Me Clinic specialise in this field. Its fraxel treatments are designed to penetrate the dermis and stimulate regrowth and renewal. This is particularly appealing to people who wish to target damaged skin, fine lines or acne scarring. A similar result can be achieved with laser genesis treatments, which is sought out to improve skin clarity, even out pigmentation, treat scarring, rosacea, fine lines, large pores and uneven texture. The whole shebang, really.

As we know, the world of beauty isn't static and new modes of skin health arise every day. Chances are if there's a fresh treatment, Me Clinic are across it. The company pride themselves on keeping across the latest advancements in the field, whether that's research, equipment or technology. And this diligence continues long after you've stepped into a Me Clinic; with after care almost as important as the treatment itself.

Explore the range of skin treatments offered at Me Clinic at the company website.

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