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What is a laser genesis facial? And what does it do?

The realm of beauty and wellness is brimming with new treatments and revolutionary procedures. Facial treatments have long since evolved passed the humble facial massage into LED therapy, drainage, collagen induction, dermaplaning, dry needling and more.

But there is one new (well not brand new, but newish) treatment that is creating understandable buzz. It's laser facials, or laser genesis as it's sometimes called. A procedure that claims to improve skin clarity, even out pigmentation, treat scarring, rosacea, fine lines, large pores and uneven texture, it's something that many are turning to as fix-all skincare solution.

If you're considering laser genesis or a laser facial, here is a first-hand account of what you need to know.


What is it? And how does it work?

A laser facial is just that. A facial treat that includes a laser component. It made be part of a broader facial experience or can be a stand alone treatment.

Your aesthetician will administer the treatment by way of a laser machine with "wand" attachment that has a flat glass head attached to the . The flat glass section is applied to the treatment area and the machine will "pulse", lighting up in bursts. The wand is then moved over the until the entire treatment area has received the requisite number of laser bursts.

It's completely non-invasive and has zero downtime. In my experience, I had no redness, discolouration or any other effects that impacted my ability to continue my day normally.

Laser sounds intense, but really is is just concentrated light. It works by heating the dermis below the surface of the skin to encourage and stimulate the skin's own renewal processes. The heat also has the effect of constricting blood vessels which is how it leads to a reduction in rosacea and other redness.


What is it designed to treat?

Laser facials or laser genesis is designed to improve the general health and look of skin. Acne, enlarged pores, uneven texture, scars, hyperpigmentation, rosacea, loss of fullness, fine lines, clarity and brightness can all be improved with laser genesis. For good results you'll often need multiple treatments.

Laser genesis can treat the same conditions as micro-needling. It is a good alternative to micro-needling for those who find micro-needling uncomfortable.


Does laser genesis hurt?

No. Laser genesis doesn't hurt. Unlike, laser hair removal, laser genesis is pain-free.

Speaking from my experience at Jacqueline Brennan, the laser just feels warm. A bit like warm rain or warm air hitting your skin. I tried my treatment on a rather cold evening so the sensation was actually rather pleasant. There were one or two moments where it stung ever so slightly, around the nose and temples for me. But, generally, I found it to be an extremely relaxing experience.


How often do you need to get laser facials for best results?

This depends on why you're choosing this treatment. If it's simply as a glow booster, you can have the treatment as you need or prefer.

But if you are using laser facials to target a specific skin concern, you should look to having four to eight treatments with two-four weeks in between treatments. This will vary depending on your skin concern and type. The best and most accurate answer to this question will come from your aesthetician or dermatologist. I recommend speaking to a professional and having a consultation before you start with laser genesis.


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