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A celebration of intensity, ‘RUSSH’, Mikkapedia and Jo Malone London honour the magic of Cologne Intense

Jo Malone London

In partnership with Jo Malone London


An evening of art and intensity, RUSSH invited some of the industry's most exciting creative minds and purists to celebrate the unveiling of Jo Malone London's new and luxurious Cologne Intense bottles and campaign. Hosted alongside artist and friend of RUSSH Mikka Byarugaba, whose work is known for its interactive and immersive energy, the event was a cosmic synergy of connection and storytelling, evoking and communicating the intimacy of fragrance. How it connects us to loved ones, places and memories, and the unexplainable, luxurious experience of discovering your ‘signature scent’.

Jo Malone London

Hosted on Tuesday evening at China Heights gallery, the smokiness of dusk served as the perfect backdrop to complement the newly redesigned bottles; each symbolic of the depth of the nine scents in the collection through the jewel colour ways that reveal themselves best when held up to the light. A true hallmark of olfactory diversity, Jo Malone London's Cologne Intense collection represents a remarkable showcase of rare and unique ingredients that leave their mark. In this way, the collection is all encompassing, unlocking all the senses like only a truly luxurious and iconic fragrance can.

Jo Malone London

Throughout the space, projections of the campaign amplified this feeling, displayed against the sleek and clean walls, and were further intensified by the interchanged bold visuals of Mikka's work; that served as the perfect companion to the new, bold colours of the bottles. Alongside a moody and atmospheric DJ set by RUSSH music editor, Alys Hale, conversation was flowing between friends and guests who included Sarah Ellen, Rhys Kosakowski, Yasmin Suteja, Tom Derickx and more. Surrounded by friends, Mikka spoke of his experience with Jo Malone London's Cologne Intense collection, sharing:

"When I was thinking about art that embodied this experience and the feeling that Cologne Intense evokes... I thought my future relics series was absolutely perfect. This series of artworks was born out of the idea that “all worlds are stages” with the medium (the holographic fans) expanding on that perception, as you look into these different worlds I’ve created. I feel that with these fragrances from Jo Malone London Cologne Intense you can really curate your own unique world through the beautiful scents."


Jo Malone London

Displayed as hero moments in the middle of the room, the new, elevated packaging of the bottles told their own story as both an artistic centrepiece and an interactive opportunity; encapsulating the sensuality of the rituals that inspired the different selection of ingredients in the collection. Guests were encouraged to cement their own journey with the scents, exploring and discovering the Cologne Intense collection through the exclusive fragrance discovery station. The collection's key fragrances, Myrrh & Tonka, Cypress & Grapevine, and Scarlet Poppy were the top fragrances on everyone's lips, as guests were treated to the experience of uncovering their signature scent amongst the nine available in the Cologne Intense collection. This personal and intimate journey was enhanced by the engraving and gift-wrapping experience, where initials were engraved on the hand-selected bottles for an additional touch of personalisation – a signature service Jo Malone London offers online or in store.

An honouring of the ways in which we can enrich the everyday through multi-sensory experiences – whether through art, film or words – or finding meaning and connection through new ingredients and scents, Jo Malone London's Cologne Intense takes us there. Ignited by the spirit of discovery, an electric energy bounced around the room – a commitment to the ethereal, a promise to live intensely and passionately, and to let the magic of art guide the way.

Here, enjoy key moments from the evening, and see some of your favourite creatives discover their signature Jo Malone London Cologne Intense persona.


The Jo Malone London Cologne Intense collection is available to discover now, in store or online at

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