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A documentary about the making of ‘Marie Antoinette’ is coming thanks to Sofia and Eleanor Coppola

Kirsten Dunst and Sofia Coppola behind the scenes of 'Marie Antoinette'.

What's your favourite Sofia Coppola film? If it's Marie Antoinette, a master document in lavish coquette aesthetics, then you'll want to get comfy and tune in. A documentary on the making of the film is on its way!

In a recent profile on Sofia Coppola, New Yorker revealed that her mother, Eleanor Coppola, captured over 80 hours of behind-the-scenes footage while Marie Antoinette was being made. Eleanor, who was known to shoot footage on the set of her husband's films, carried this tradition on when Sofia began directing. Together with Sofia, the pair have plans to assemble the footage into a documentary, although no release date has been set just yet.

It isn't the first time Eleanor Coppola curated a film of this kind, either. Her documentary Hearts of Darkness: A Filmmaker's Apocalypse chronicled the many hurdles Francis Ford Coppola came up against while making Apocalypse Now, and in 2016 she made her directorial debut with Paris Can Wait and was the oldest American woman to ever do so.

What we know is that the documentary would be a welcome project. Marie Antoinette was shot entirely in the Versailles, included Coppola's cousin Jason Schwartzman in the cast, and offered up pastel-hued escapism that was good enough to eat. Just ask Coppola's old flame Quentin Tarantino, who's first impression of the set made him want "to eat the goddamn furniture".

So what other easter eggs did the New Yorker article include? Well, if it weren't for Apple TV+ getting cold feet, we could've had a Sofia Coppola-directed five-episode miniseries starring Florence Pugh, based on Edith Wharton's 1913 novel The Custom of the Country. The project, which Sofia was calling Custom, would have been made with a budget five times larger than that of Marie Antoinette. Upon learning about losing the funding, Coppola reportedly said, "It’s a real drag. I thought they had endless resources".

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