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Your Majesty: On set with our Majestic cover star Blésnya Minher

Majestic cover story

Majestic cover star Blésnya Minher makes you want to go 'out out'.  And what better to dazzle in than Chanel?

A face that reminds us of the power of true glamour – a timeless dress, high heels and a show-stopping red lip – we revel in the magic that is her charismatic and unparalleled energy.
Get to know the woman behind this issue better and see her charm on display in our Majestic cover story below.


Majestic cover story

CHANEL jumpsuit, hat and necklaces.


The first thing you should know about me is … I was born and raised in Angola. I am my best self when … I eat something that I love. Home feels like … Peace. My star sign is… Aquarius. It suits me because … I’m very curious, open to new things, free and very talkative. I feel most glamourous when … I put on a timeless dress, high heels and a special red lipstick. I start my day by … Having a very good breakfast. I can’t have a good day without a good breakfast. It’s impossible for me. The most important lesson I’ve learned is … To enjoy life, family and friends like there’s no tomorrow, because there really isn’t. At least not guaranteed. Who are you when you’re alone? A crazy, loud person obsessed with loud music and dancing non-stop.


CHANEL top, pants, shoes, belt, earrings and necklace.


Majestic cover story

Left: CHANEL vest, jumper, skirt, shoes, hat, necklace and bracelets. Right: CHANEL coat, top and necklace.


A secret I’ll never tell is … I’ll never tell it. My first memory of modelling is … Trembling backstage on my first show. My favourite film is … I don’t have a favourite one, but one of my favourites was gifted. The quality I admire most in others is … Empathy. I’m inspired by … My grandmother. When my imagination runs free it … Makes me feel like I have control over my whole life, especially my future; because most of what I imagine is what I aspire to attract. If I wasn’t modelling, I would be … A paediatrician.


CHANEL coat, top and necklace.


Majestic cover story

CHANEL coat and shoes.


The music that fortifies me is ... I am a music lover and I can listen to a little bit of everything. It really depends on my mood, so I can’t say for sure one song that fortifies me. But I have to say that one that I really love is Another Day In Paradise by Phil Collins, just because I think it has a good message for the world.


CHANEL top, skirt, shoes, belt and necklace; stylist’s own socks (worn throughout).


Majestic cover story

CHANEL jumpsuit and necklace.


My friends would describe me as … Crazy and funny. If I could be anywhere, I’d be … As of right now, in Angola. Because I haven’t been there or seen my family for over a year. My fondest childhood memory is … Running away from the house and going to dangerous rivers without my parent’s permission. But also getting my ass whooped after that. Company or solitude? Depends on my mood.


Left: CHANEL jacket, shirt, belt and earrings. Right: CHANEL jacket, jumpsuit, shoes and necklace.


Majestic cover story

CHANEL, jumpsuit, shoes and necklace.


I won’t compromise ... My belief that humans should be treated with respect. I’m energised when … I’m surrounded by the ones I love and love me. The future looks … Generally speaking, it looks kind of scary. A tradition I hold onto is … Manifesting gratitude in some way at some point along the day.


Blésnya Minher wears CHANEL Métiers d’art throughout. 

PHOTOGRAPHY Edouard Plongeon
FASHION Marine Braunschvig @ The Wall Group
MODEL Blésnya Minher @ The Society
HAIR Paolo Ferreira
MAKEUP Morgane Martini @ The Wall Group
CASTING Megan McCluskie


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