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Maison Balzac has released the second crop of its cult Le Cirque collection

Step right up, Maison Balzac purveyor of objects for the home has just released the second part of it's Le Cirque collection.

A curated selection of homewares that are each designed to bring whimsy and nostalgic you into your interiors. A frog balancing on an ostrich egg you say? Clownishly styled glass? A marble seal figurine balancing a ball? Welcome to the brand's very own house of the weird and wonderful.



Now we welcome the final act of the show - one that comes with pomponette coupes and playful martini glasses for cocktails and drinks that never take themselves too seriously. A selection of dainty dot dot bowls, and finally a Maison-Balzac-style match box round out the collection. The perfect accoutrements to add a sense of play and humour into our spaces and enliven our homes.

Le Cirque was created to invite tongue-in-cheek fun back into the home - a space that has transformed beyond simply being a place of shelter. Our homes are everything, an office, a home theatre and a sanctuary too. After many months of solitude, Le Cirque is a way to reinvigorate our passion for entertaining at a time where many of us have lost connection and a sense of a community. Here, Maison Balzac tempts you to welcome the odd, the unusual and the somewhat strange, creating eye-catching pieces that you will want to show off at your first opportunity.



The first iteration of the collection included a number of figurines resembling animals, a selection of its quintessential coloured glassware, coloured string perfumed filaments and also a set of a game of traditional solitaire - with round marble gameplay pieces. A reminder of the entertainment and joy our interiors can offer us.

Maison Balzac's Le Cirque collection is available now, in full, on the brand's website and through selected stockists and boutiques



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