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Maison Balzac’s Le Cirque collection is here to entertain you

Welcome welcome, step right up.

You have been warmly invited to experience the Maison Balzac Circus. A new collection from the cult interiors label want you to come in through the acrobat’s entrance and watch the entertainers play their act.

It's called Le Cirque and it's a whimsical and slightly mad take on Maison Balzac's traditional style of decor objects.





Be charmed by the marble frog balancing on the porcelain ostrich egg and enlivened by marble seals figures balancing candles rather than balls. Be surprised by funhouse inspired vases and find joy in clownishly decorated glasses.

And then, le pièce de résistance, a traditional marble solitaire game comes with its decorative playboard and frosted marbles with which to play. A game inspired by French history, the first glimpse we have of solitaire comes from the flamboyant French court of of Louis XIV in 1697. There is evidence of Princess of Soubise delicately perched over a board, deep in thought. This unique, one-player game is meditative, helping to bring both calm and focus to your day - by asking you to spend moments in deep consideration of your next move.




Maison Balzac has even shared its directions on how to play.


1. gently place a marble in each cradle, leaving the centre empty.

2. move one marble at a time, jumping over the others in horizontal or
vertical lines - never move diagonally!

3. remove each marble you have jumped over, placing it along the rim.
Listen to the music of the glass gliding on the board.

4. keep jumping! the game is only over when there is a single marble
remaining in the centre of the board.


Alongside the new covetable line of interior objects, Le Cirque also include new additions to Maison Balzac's home fragrance offering. A special candle called L'Escargot pays tribute to the brand's love of snails. While the Fil Parfums are a new way to experience scent.




Maison Balzac Le Cirque will be on sale from July 30.

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