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Artist Bobby Clark has created a collection with An Organised Life

There is a special place in our hearts for the perfect stationery sets. Likewise, we are forever enamoured by the creativity of our favourite artists. In this instance that the two meet, it's pure magic.

Introducing a new collaboration from stationery brand An Organised Life and visual artist Bobby Clark - called AOL x Bobby Clark Balance Collection. It's a limited edition set of functional notebooks that combine curiosity with clarity.

The collaboration looks to marry the distinctive visual style of symmetry and balance that Bobby Clark is so known for, along with the clear and minimalist aesthetic defined by An Organised Life. The end result is a collection created for makers, creators, designers, dreamers, writers and notetakers - one that celebrates simplicity but creativity at the same time.



Scottish-born but Melbourne-based artist Bobby Clark has always had a love of putting pen to paper, whether that's drawing or for life admin.

"My day starts putting pen to paper, writing lists, noting ideas, planning my day. Even when I was little, I would draw on everything. My mum still has her old phone books with sketches and scribbles of mine in the margins. Digital note taking and calendars don't work for me, unless I write it by hand, it doesn't register. I've always been that way. I would take notes during class at school then re-write them when I got home, neater. There is always a dairy and a journal or sketchbook in my bag," she says.



As such, an artistic collaboration with An Organised Life felt like a natural fit as a way to bring beauty and creativity into a daily ritual.

"I love the simplicity in the design of the AOL notebooks and planners so focused on playing with scale with a minimalist approach. I wanted to create a design that was elegant, modern and balanced," she says.

The collection includes 5 designs - x3 A5 Notebooks & x2 A4 Notebooks. Each notebook is available with lined or blank pages on anorganisedlife.com now.

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