Everything you need to know about the Lion’s Gate Portal and how to manifest dreams into reality

lion's gate portal 2022

Tomorrow is a particularly important date in the astrological world, being the eighth day of the eighth month. On such date in 2023, we find the Lion's Gate Portal is at its most potent, despite already having been open since July 28. Tomorrow is a day for manifestation and considered by many as the marker of a new year for resolutions and goals. Here, we explain what you need to know and how to help manifest your dreams into reality.

What is the Lion’s Gate Portal?

The Lion’s Gate Portal marks the alignment of the sun in Leo, the star Sirius (the brightest in the sky), Orion’s Belt and Earth. In astrological terms, the fixed star Sirius is known to have the qualities of the planet Jupiter, and the drive to get things done, making it a prime day for manifestation or concentrating on what you want to become your reality.

How can I manifest during the Lion’s Gate Portal?

Manifestation can take many forms, and the below is a common guide in how to actively manifest during the Lion’s Gate Portal.

  1. Focus on aligning with the positive energy within yourself, then heighten your awareness further to focus on the presence of the Moon, stars and planets.
  2. You can then speak your manifestations aloud, silently to yourself or write them on paper, focusing on the words and exactly what you are creating with your words.
  3. Continue to write or say your manifestation continuously until you believe they have established a place in the physical world.
  4. Then, let all your expectations go and continue with your day believing what has been manifested is – or will be – reality.

Yellow crystals, such as citrine and amber, botanicals and herbs are ideal tools for manifestation during this time, as part of your manifestation rituals.

Alongside manifestation, it is an ideal time for meditation as we can harness the power of the portal and attune ourselves to its vibration. Undertaking meditation under the sun can help us get in touch with our creativity, due to Leo being one of the most creative signs.

When is the Lion’s Gate Portal?

The Lion’s Gate Portal is classified as open between July 28 and August 12. However, it is most potent on August 8, known to some as the galactic new year. The significance of the date being the eighth day of the eighth month (8/8) shouldn’t be overlooked. In numerology, individual digits are laden with meanings and the number eight means wealth, luck and good energy. When viewed on its side, the number eight is the symbol of infinity, representing abundance.

Each year, the portal commences when the new moon is in Leo, uniting the power of our luminaries in the sign of the Lion. In astrology, Leo has a connection with the energy of the lion, bringing a regal energy of pride and courage.

Much like the ancient Egyptians, it is best to view the Lion’s Gate Portal in 2023 as the beginning of a new year and to offer our reflections on the past and our plans for the future. Consider it a time to break free from any habits that may be preventing us from becoming our best selves.

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