Everything you need to know about the Lion’s Gate Portal and how to manifest dreams into reality

August 8 is particularly important date in the astrological world. It's known at the peak of the Lion's Gate Portal, a day for manifestation and considered by many as the marker of a new year for resolutions and goals. Here, we explain what you need to know and how to help manifest your dreams into reality.


When is the Lion’s Gate Portal?

The Lion’s Gate Portal technically runs for two weeks, opening in late July and closing in mid August. However, the pinnacle of the Lion's Gate Portal is August 8 (8/8). People will often commonly refer to this date as the Lion's Gate Portal itself - this date is also known to some as the galactic new year.


What is the significance Lion’s Gate Portal?

The Lion’s Gate Portal is the moment where Sun in Leo is in alignment with the star Sirius, Orion’s Belt and Earth. This happens when Sirius "rises" or becomes visible again due the Sun's yearly passing of the star.

Why is this significant? Well, Sirius (the Alpha star of the Canis Major constellation) is the brightest star in the sky and is astrologically considered to be a spiritual sun. It was an extremely important body to the Ancient Egyptians who referred to it as the goddess Sopdet. They used the annual rising of this star to note when the Nile would begin its annual flood, feeding the landing and bringing harvest and fertility.

In astrology, Sirius brings wealth, abundance, fortune and fame. As such, our alignment with this auspicious body means it is an excellent time for manifestation. The breadth of the Lion's Gate Portal portal period is considered spiritually significant. But, the peak of the Lion's Gate Portal falls on August 8 for a few reasons. The numerology of 8/8 is considered extremely powerful, in fact it is the most powerful of all combinations. Additionally, this date sees the Sun at the half way point of Leo, a season associated with boldness and confidence. Of course, the Sun is also the ruler of sign Leo. So in this moment, everything truly is in alignment physically and spiritually.

Aside from the vernal equinox, the 8/8 of the Lion's Gate Portal is regarded as one of the most powerful moments for manifestation in the whole calendar. Much like the ancient Egyptians, you could view the Lion’s Gate Portal as a bringer of the abundant and new.  Consider it a time to break free from any habits that may be preventing us from becoming our best selves.


How can I manifest during the Lion’s Gate Portal?

Manifestation can take many forms, and the below is a common guide in how to actively manifest during the Lion’s Gate Portal.

  1. Focus on aligning with the positive energy within yourself, then heighten your awareness further to focus on the presence of the Moon, stars and planets.
  2. You can then speak your manifestations aloud, silently to yourself or write them on paper, focusing on the words and exactly what you are creating with your words.
  3. Continue to write or say your manifestation continuously until you believe they have established a place in the physical world.
  4. Then, let all your expectations go and continue with your day believing what has been manifested is – or will be – reality.

Yellow crystals, such as citrine and amber, botanicals and herbs are ideal tools for manifestation during this time, as part of your manifestation rituals. Citrine in particular is used to channel wealth, abundance and good luck.

Alongside manifestation, it is an ideal time for meditation as we can harness the power of the portal and attune ourselves to its vibration. Undertaking meditation under the sun can help us get in touch with our creativity, due to Leo being one of the most creative signs.


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