The upcoming Libra New Moon encourages you to focus on inner and outer beauty

Libra new moon

New Moons are for starting or trying new things – projects, looks, styles, romance. To feel more aligned to the energy of these lunations, however, it helps to understand which sign the Moon is transiting through. Don’t start a visionary art project during a fussy Virgo New Moon (that sign is too “paint by numbers”). Conversely, don’t begin your taxes during a messier New Moon in Pisces. What we’re getting at here is that the New Moon is flavoured by the ingredients of the sign it’s crossing. So, what’s this Libra New Moon cooking up on September 26th?

Beauty will be the order of the day. Ruled by pretty Venus, Libra is the sign most associated with appearances and looking good. Its nature seeks balance and harmony with others. One way that Libra/Venus energy achieves this is through beautifying mind, body, and home to create a pleasurable sense of symmetry in and with the world.

Another reason that this is a “beauty-based” lunation has to do with astrological context. As the ruling planet of this New Moon, Venus will be opposite Neptune-in-Pisces. Among other things, Neptune pertains to glamour. That is, we will be experiencing a lot of red-carpet vibes around the 26th. Since there’s a dewy skin, smokey-eyed, perfectly coiffed magic in the air, let’s take advantage of it. How so?

According to medical astrology, each astrological house corresponds to some part of the body. For example, the 1st House connects up with the face and head, whereas the 9th governs over the legs. This New Moon horoscope will emphasise where to bring Libra harmony to your body, style, or look for inner and outer beauty.


Your 1st House, which corresponds to the face and complexion, will be energised by this lunation. Go off the beaten path with some new lipstick or blush, try a novel face cream made from obscure Indonesian plants, or rethink your coif. Put your best face forward for yourself and others on this New Moon.


This Libra New Moon activates your 12th House, a zone of the chart that relates to the feet. Procure a pedicure and show off your trotters in something delicate, like a pair of Amina Muaddi heels. This is a foot fetish New Moon for you.


With your 11th House lit up this lunation, attend to thy ankles. While anklets are somewhat tawdry, there is nothing more elegant than a flash of ankle between a sockless loafer and the cuff of a perfectly tapered and tailored pair of jeans.


The Libra New Moon transits your 10th House, which corresponds to bone structure. Accentuate cheekbones with a little visit to your local doyen of cosmetics and strut around looking like majestic Grace Jones for the lunation.


Your 9th House of Legs is all energised by the Libra New Moon. Watch the severely underrated film, “Married to the Mob” (an absolute treasure trove of primetime Michelle Pfieffer in incredible outfits) and pilfer one of her leggy looks.


The beautifying Libra New Moon activates your 8th House (which corresponds to the privy parts). This one is a bit of a no-brainer: the perfect lunation for a wax or laser appointment to clear out any bikini brambles.


Your 7th House, which corresponds to the skin (among other things), gets all highlighted by this Libra New Moon. Schedule a body treatment at the spa for maximum glow. Libra is an air sign. Oxygenate.


An inner beauty transit for you, Bull. The Libra New Moon activates your 6th House which deals with digestion. Restore Libra balance and harmony with a nice, gentle cleanse.


Your 5th House (heart, liver, and stomach) is lit up by the Libra New Moon. This is a detox lunation for you. Lots of water, lots of sweating, and no Kir or Cremant. While other signs may be flaunting their arms and ankles, you’ll be pretty on the inside, where it matters most.


With the Libra New Moon lighting up your 4th House, focus on some décolletage. The 4th House corresponds to the chest and bust. Of course there are many ways to accentuate this part of the body, from full display Cardi B to a more demure Catholic cross necklace.


Your 3rd House (corresponding to arms, shoulders, and neck) gets energised by this Libra New Moon. Flex in something sleeveless or don an elaborate collared blouse that looks like elaborate 19th century cursive in order to beautify the neckline.


The Libra New Moon highlights your 2nd House, which correlates to lips and neck, teeth, tongue, throat. This part of the chart/body has something to with expressing yourself through words. A beautiful thoughtful word to a friend or lover can sparkle as much as a pretty smile.


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Photo by Niklas Ohlrogge on Unsplash