This is why the upcoming Full Pink Moon in Libra is an important one for matchmaking

libra full moon

On April 6 2023, at 12:34am AEST, the Libra Full Moon goes into effect, betokening a moment to celebrate a friend, a business partner, or a beloved. This lunation is about pair-bonding, like turtledoves.

Such turtledovedom, however, is in stark contrast to the prevailing mood of Aries, the season in which we now find ourselves. The Ram is known for celebrating itself, for going solo, for charging ahead, for getting its way, for competing with others, rather than cooperating with them.

To make matters worse, or better (it’s always a matter of perspective), the ego-aggrandising thematics of Aries season are even more pronounced right now, due to maximal Jupiter’s current placement in the Ram. Jupiter, our most benefic planet, works to add, enlarge, or expand that which it comes into contact with. In the case of Aries season, Planet Plus is promoting the Ram’s competitive qualities, making life feel as though we’re in a shark tank or on TV’s manic “Shark Tank.”

And there’s nothing wrong with that. Aries energy urges us to go big or go home. It’s a motivating force. It lends us courage to confront fears (or ignore them entirely), as we move toward goals, while all amped-up in self-starter-mode. But, let’s be honest: all this high octane Jupiter-in-Aries energy can be a bit much, even for Type-A personalities. We’re in an intense transit here.

Enter, therefore, the harmonious Libra Full Moon on April 6. In general, Full Moons operate like an intermission at a long opera, providing a break from the current season’s themes. What’s more, they always occur in the sign opposite the Sun. This opposition is both physical and spiritual. Where, for example, Aries is egocentric, the Libra Full Moon–180 degrees away on the Zodiac wheel–is all about balancing the viewpoints of others. The Cosmos is clever like that.

Insofar as Full Moons go, this lunation looks to be extra celebratory. Why so? Libra is ruled by benefic Venus, which is currently very well-positioned in a sign it also rules, namely earthy Taurus.. Side note: whenever we are looking at a Full Moon, we always want to figure out where it is located (Libra) and where that sign’s ruling planet is (Taurus).

When we take into account all these delineations, we get a lunation that is inviting us to find emotional balance with another (Libra+Moon) by re-establishing security with them (Taurus+Venus). It’s a transit, in other words, asking us to look up from the rush of Aries self-absorption and attend to a partner, friend, or beloved. Maybe they are feeling alienated from us? Or us from them? This lunation is a time to reconnect, to relax, and to ground each other emotionally through bonding activities.

Our first bit of advice for this Libra Full Moon, then: build, make, fashion or plant something long lasting with a helpmate or friend. In Homer’s Odyssey, we learn that Penelope and Odysseus (wife and husband) slept in a massive, immovable bed made from the trunk of an olive tree. It was an immovable structure, symbolic of the immovable nature of their love.

Now, we’re not saying to fell an oak to make a gigantic bedframe for you and your partner (though that would be amazing). But, maybe you can plant an oak or olive tree together, instead? Or get some teak coasters, at the very least, to put under your stout cocktail glasses, so as not to stain the coffee table? At bottom, the principle is this: attend to the other (Libra) for emotional security (Taurus/Moon/Venus) through some turtledove gestures.

Advice Two: In Tarot, Libra is associated with the Justice Card, which indicates balance. Think about how you can promote equality, equal thinking, and/or equal measure with a partner. How can you listen more or speak more, if that’s what you need to balance out your relationship, at the moment? This strategy goes for life partners or work partners. Libra is about partnerships–not necessarily romantic ones.

Finally, harmonise. What better way to align with this Libra Full Moon, by doing something musical, like heading to a symphony or music hall with a partner? The trick, however, is to try to listen for harmony, not just melody. The melody line is very Aries. It tends to dominate the song, piece, or composition. It takes over and insists upon its centrality.

But harmonies are different. They are more complex. They require many notes blended and balanced together in chords (which is like Libra energy). The sound of harmony is richer–the emotional impact of harmonic changes more profound.

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Photo by Dylan Sauerwein on Unsplash