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Le Labo is opening the vault for its City Exclusives collection this September

le labo city exclusives

There's no better marker of time passing than Le Labo's annual announcement that its City Exclusives collection is set to return across the month of September. Well, it's that time of year again, and no doubt anyone needing a refill of Vanille 44 will want to mark it on their calendars. If we can't always have Paris, we will take its signature scent.

For the uninitiated, here's a little rundown. Once a year, the cult New York parfumerie unlocks its City Exclusives collection and sets the fragrances free to travel the world and be experienced by stalwarts and newcomers alike. Comprising of 16 scents, each crafted to evoke the spirit and olfactory essence of individual cities across the globe, outside of September these fragrances are exclusively available in the cities they're dedicated to. So if you want to replenish your bottle of Poivre 23, you'll have to book a flight to London, if you're in the mood for Gaiac 10, Tokyo and so on.

However, all that changes come September – or if you want to purchase a mini City Exclusives discovery set online, August 1 – when the City Exclusives collection will sit alongside its evergreen range online and in-store boutiques internationally.

This year, Le Labo also welcomes a new fragrance into the City Exclusives repertoire. No it's not a homage to Sydney – although we haven't given up hope, but rather a tribute to Shanghai. The fragrance is known as Myrrhe 55 and is a warm and rugged Chypre. As the name suggests, the perfume is built around Myrrh, a resin known in Chinese medicine as a "blood mover". The result is a compelling fragrance redolent of incense yet followed by a licorice kick. It's supported by notes of jasmine and patchouli, and grounded by oud, synthetic ambergris and musk. Old and electric, dark and modern, just like the city of Shanghai.

Explore the Le Labo City Exclusives collection from September 1-31. Otherwise, pick up a discovery set online now.


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