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Laila Gohar collaborates with Byredo on a holiday capsule that’s anything but ordinary

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Cairo-born, New York-based cook and artist, Laila Gohar is all about rituals. Every day without fail she will set down what she's doing in the studio to cook her staff a family meal, when simmering beans always ensure the water's salty, there's enough fat (and you've thrown in a handful of bayleaf), and red lipstick will always work as a pick-me-up. Always. Given this, it makes perfect sense that Byredo has sought Gohar out for its holiday campaign, simply titled One Another.

“I grew up in Egypt and our community was pretty eclectic with people of different religions and ethnicities," Gohar explains. "Instead of traditional holidays, my family had a custom of celebrating something seemingly mundane and turning it into an occasion. I carry on with these ‘made up holidays’ until today.”


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A collection comprised mostly of tableware with an edit of Byredo products, any one that's familiar with Gohar's work will recognise her familiar flair inject in each piece. Forgoing traditional holiday motifs, Gohar has injected the collection with elements of the mundane, furnishing them in novel trimmings with an emphasis on togetherness. There's a ruby red tablecloth emblazoned with images of braided mozzarella, single beans tucked against each other and ribbons to adorn it all. Another object resembles a potato. As it turns out it's a candle holder with temporary tattoos dotted along the skin – redolent of a post Gohar uploaded previously for her own work.

Among other pieces in the holiday collection are napkins, collectible tea tins and wrapping paper sharing the same design at the tablecloth, as well as a handful of brightly coloured stick candles.

Having a tableware company of her own – one she shares with her sister – Gohar World, it's easy to imagine the task wouldn't have been too out of the ordinary for Gohar.

In any case, you can shop the edit of Byredo fragrances, along with Laila Gohar's collaboration with the Stockholm-based brand, at the Byredo website now.

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