Press play on Kita Alexander’s new video before you see her at RUSSH Weekend

Kita Alexander

If you haven't already heard to Kita Alexander's raw new single, I Miss You, I'm Sorry, take a moment to listen.

This Northern NSW-based has a unique talent for articulating the complicated human experience of love, loss and everything in between. It strikes a particular chord with our current reality. A time of newfound curiosity, of inquiry and reflection.

Wise beyond her years, this unique talent will be joining us for RUSSH Weekend, a festival for creative minds. But while we wait to see her on RUSSH's Instagram Live, we can take a look at her new  video.

Today, Friday July 3, Kita has shared the music video that accompanies her honest and profound new track.

It's raw and echos the challenges of our time. Although the majority of the video was shot earlier in the year within the confines of social distancing and travel restrictions, as social-distancing restrictions tightened, some pieces were required to be shot over Facetime. Directed by Bourtney Crookes, the video is a delightful ode to the 70s with colourful, superimposed lyrics and fashions that call out to a free-spirited era gone by.

“The song is very truthful, and almost word-for-word, to be honest," Kita says of her new song.

"I really looked at myself. ‘I Miss You, I’m Sorry’ is a reflection of turning inwards rather than pointing the finger at someone else. Because I've realised you can't control anyone or anything. You can only control your reactions and your emotions”

“Writing this was a real experience for me,” she says. “It was an easy song to write because it came from experience. But it was hard to look in the mirror and realise you messed up. I don’t know if everyone has that epiphany, but on this occasion, I saw my mistakes and flaws.”

This young, fresh artist writes from the heart and from a place full of emotion. An incredible talent, we hope you'll catch the wonderful Kita Alexander when she joins us for RUSSH Weekend on the weekend of July 18 & 19.

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Image: Kita Alexander