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Kirin J. Callinan takes us to the moon

Arguably one of the most innovative artists creating music in Australia right now is Kirin J. Callinan. Always lively, always slightly off centre, Callinan’s confidence in his own vision and unconventional expression of personality inspire power in everyone to be their best, weirdest selves. And of course his new release (premiering at SXSW), The Whole Of The Moon, is no different.

While the song is actually a re-imagining of an original 1985 track by The Waterboys it is anything but your typical cover, with Callinan imbuing his own unique aesthetic so deeply into the song you’d think it was his all along. The accompanying seven-minute clip takes us on a cinematic journey of sorts, opening with an improvised exchange between our star and a man named George, complete with Spanish subtitles, as the singer gets ready to go to bed. But of course, this is no ordinary bedtime scene. There are no props, it is all left up to the imagination of the viewer and the leading man's performance on an empty, welcoming stage. What follows is a fully mimed clip of him getting ready for what seems to be a day at work. In a 70s-inspired outfit, Callinan’s rendition of the ’85 classic song plays over the top of the emotive silent scene, before an interpretive dance erupts in front of pulsing constellations; the perfect and most Kirin J. Callinan ending possible.

The single is the first track off Callinan’s forthcoming album. Press play, over and over again.