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Fashion friends this is not a drill, Kate Moss is getting a biopic about her friendship with artist Lucian Freud

Moss and Freud

Well, fellow cinephiles and culture heads its official we've hit peak fashun, and our Miranda Priestly pursed lip has never been so tight with speculative scrutiny. The cause?  News just in that our favourite iconic supermodel Kate Moss is getting her own movie and not just any old movie. That's right friends, we're getting a fashion and art hybrid on the unlikely relationship of her and painter Lucian Freud, otherwise known as Sigmund Freud's grandson. We know, a lot to unpack here, so what is the story of this unlikely new biopic and who the heck has the gall to actually take on the lead role of her majesty, Miss Moss?

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What do we know about the plot of Moss and Freud?

Succinctly titled Moss & Freud, the biopic will highlight the unlikely bond between the supermodel and late painter, the aforementioned, grandson of Sigmund Freud himself. As the story goes, the two formed an unlikely friendship when Moss stated that one of her lifelong wishes was to pose for the figurative artist. Despite Freud being notoriously anti-celebrity, he followed through on the wish over a period of nine months, a then-pregnant Moss sat for the painter seven days a week, from 7pm to 2am.

In 2005, the portrait aptly titled "Naked Portrait 2002" sold at auction for £3,928,000 (approximately $5 million). Currently, it's in the possession of a private American collector.

Similar to real life, the movie looks to follow this narrative, going into intimate details of the two's unlikely bond.

Who is involved in the production and casting of Moss and Freud?

In conjunction with the Lucian Freud Archive, Moss herself will executive produce the film with Oscar winning director James Lucas in line to direct. When speaking of the choice Moss stated,

"After watching The Phone Call I knew that James would convey the emotion in the storytelling in a fitting way, one this memoir deserves,".

So now the million dollar question, who will play the leads? While the jury is still firmly out on the casting of Freud, here at team RUSSH we are very conflicted on the role of Moss. Perhaps Lily James or similar brand? Or the only plausible option her own daughter? Time will tell, in which case we will be sure to update with all the details.

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