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The new music we’ve been listening to this month

new music july 2023

You've read what the RUSSH editors have been consuming in July as far as film, books and podcasts go, but what about when it comes to music? There's songs from Tkay Maidza and Yussef Dayes, a body-warming album from Julie Byrne. As for the rest? These are the new music releases that have held our brains captive in July 2023. Plug in.


Silent Assassin, Tkay Maidza ft. Flume

Release date: July 6

When Tkay Maidza goes quiet, you know she's working hard. Between the final addition to her Last Year Was Weird trilogy in 2021 and now, the musician has had her head down in preparation of a new album. Silent Assassin is a taste of the fiery evolution the rapper is set to unleash.


The Greater Wings, Julie Byrne

Release date: July 7

In the spirit of folk, Julie Byrne appears once more as a wanderer in her latest album, moving through experiences of transformation, grief, friendship and love through fingerpicking and her robust, rounded voice. It's lyrics as poetry, ones to sing to yourself in the quiet, in transit and alone for comfort.


Tied Up!, Genesis Owusu

Release date: July 11

The second single plucked from Owusu's sophomore album, STRUGGLER, due in August. Blurring various cultural references with a warping guitar and a stomping beat, the artist speaks to the struggle of getting by in a world intent on knocking you out – hence the boxing metaphor.


Marching Band, Yussef Dayes

Release date: July 12

More Yussef Dayes singles to tide us over until the multi-instrumentalist drops his upcoming album, Black Classical Music in September. Marching Band plays host to the silky vocals of Masego, while Dayes' intricate drumwork tinkers away in the background.


Rush, Troye Sivan

Release date: July 13

What is it? A horny, heaving pop anthem about partying named after the poppers brand from the twink overlord himself. Do we love it? You bet. Do we feel the rush? Take a look at our name, duh. Mr. Sivan was even our February digital cover star during WorldPride, which you can read here.


Vampire Empire, Big Thief

Release date: July 19

Big Thief sends another marvel out into the music universe. Take a look and there's not a single dud in the Big Thief back catalogues, maybe it has something to do with Adrianne Lenker's strangled, sonorous vocals or the fact that the band delivers a line in response to Prince's I Wanna Be Your Lover.


Chez Moi (Waiting for you), CC Disco!

Release date: July 21

End the month on a high and melt into this new release from CC Disco. All killer, no filler. An addictive bassline with vocals from Janet Planet of Confidence Man that serves as an occasional reminder that you're sharing this experience.

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