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The power of an unforgettable smile: Julia Roberts and Chopard embody the spirit of Joie de Vivre

Julia Roberts Chopard

There are some smiles that are truely unforgettable. The kind that light up a room; turn heads; start conversations. You can picture them perfectly even when you're miles away – the glistening, joyous expression imprinted in memory. No smile, of course, has quite the same enduring grace, recognisability, charisma as film legend, Julia Roberts. The Academy Award winning actor has commanded our attention for decades with her infectious laugh and smile, making her one of the most iconic faces in Hollywood. As the true embodiment of Joie de Vivre, it only makes sense that Julia Roberts be the face of the new Happy Sport campaign for luxury jewellery Maison, Chopard.

For Chopard's co-president and artistic director, Caroline Scheufele, her connection with the Happy Diamonds collection began in 1993. Created with the intention of conveying the catching flow and free-spirited charm of Joie de Vivre; the now iconic collection was christened Happy Diamonds by Scheufele's mother who exclaimed upon first seeing them, “These diamonds are happier when they are free.” Housed in a barely-there gold capsule, they are an extension of the life and impulses of the woman who wears them like a talisman.

Chopard's ongoing love affair with the world of film has forever been admired. In honour of this relationship, Scheufele has chosen to celebrate the intersecting perspectives of supremely talented contemporary artists to create an adoring short film for the partnership. French filmmaker, Xavier Dolan, served as director for campaign, with photographer Shayne Laverdière's keen gaze capturing moments of storytelling through the lens. Stylist, friend and long-term collaborator of Roberts, Elizabeth Stewart styled the project – uniting the Chopard spirit with the actor's signature style


It's easy to see why Scheufele instantly picked Roberts as her star, sharing, “It was her and nobody else! Julia Roberts was the only person I felt could convey the spirit that I see in Happy Sport." In the film, we see Roberts engage in in a wild pas de deux with her dancing diamonds; personifying a playful and invigorating dialogue of light and electricity.

Speaking to the boldness of the Happy Sport creations, Roberts shared; "I am honoured to be collaborating with Chopard on the Happy Sport watch, one of the most iconic and desirable models in the industry."

If you're eager to discover more about the making of the Chopard Happy Diamonds campaign and want to catch the contagious laugh of Julia Roberts one last time, watch the RUSSH-exclusive behind-the-scenes video below. And to experience the new collection piece by piece, head to the Chopard website.



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