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Journey to the past with Lack of Color

You say you want a revolution? Well, that starts with the hat on your head, thanks to Lack Of Color. The beloved Australian brand has recently launched its most unique collection yet, Revolution, a nostalgic ode to decades past. The collection features 22 new vintage-inspired chapeaus reminiscent of the styles and designs of yesteryear. Follow the Lack of Color crew as they relive simpler times spent together - driving, dancing, and meandering the Australian hills in their vintage best.

Featuring models Valentina Ruby, Jess Clarke and Anna Feller, watch as endless days turn into poolside games and dancing late into the balmy evening. Directed by Robert Tilbury and captured on film by Brydie Mack of WolfcubWolfcub, Lack of Color invites you into their dreamy world, with accessories to get you in the mood. Let your journey to the past start with the hat on your head, towards a new way forward.