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Yes, you can now buy a t-shirt with BLACKPINK’s Jennie’s angelic face on the front

Jennie Jenkem t-shirt

Throughout our years of being long-term, devoted fans of K-Pop mega-group, BLACKPINK; we've seen Lisa, Rosé, Jennie and Jisoo through their fair share of collaborations. Whether on a musical scale with the likes of Dua Lipa and Lady Gaga, or in the realm of luxury fashion; acting as muses for some of the world's biggest fashion houses. Naturally, we have become more obsessed every step of the way, fighting tooth and nail to get our hands on any and all of the things they have lended themselves to. The latest drop, while not necessarily a collaboration in the traditional sense, had us feeling some type of way; with online skateboarding and culture magazine Jenkem releasing a t-shirt with Jennie on the front.

Yes, that's correct. You can now buy a t-shirt with the face of the angel that is Jennie proudly plastered in the centre. Like we already mentioned, this release isn't a collaboration between Jenkem and Jennie, but rather an homage to the K-Pop star from the publication. The unexpected drop comes off the back of a coincidental similarity between the magazine and the BLACKPINK star's name.

We admit, the crossover isn't entirely obvious on face value. It's only once you know that Jennie's shortened name is known to be Jen Kim that it all starts to make sense. The t-shirt has what appears to be an image of Jennie in a school uniform, with the playful quote, "Yes, like the magazine," positioned below.

The tongue-in-cheek release continues in the official product description for the t-shirt, which reads that; “Jennie switched from K-pop to Sk8-pop” and reveals that the mag has made her an “Honorary Jenkem Cardholder™.”

No question, we are absolutely obsessed. Who wouldn't want to sport this t-shirt on a daily basis? Thankfully, the Jennie x Jenkem t-shirt is available to purchase now on Jenkem‘s website.

If you missed it, BLACKPINK are celebrating their upcoming five-year anniversary with their first-ever film release. Find out all about the anniversary project ahead of its August 8 drop.

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