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Jacquemus wants to know if you’re ready for it’s new CBD drink?

First of all, I'd like to send Simon Porte Jacquemus a hefty congratulations. Time and time again you've managed to find a way to have us all eating out of your tanned, French hands. If it's not an Instagram-worthy flower pop-up store, it's whispers of a beauty line that send the fashion world into a frenzied state. Yes, congratulations. We've all signed our souls over to Jacquemus, and Simon Porte is storing them in a mini Le Chiquito. And still the man won't let us rest! The designer has just teased a sneak peek of what we believe to be a CBD drink over Instagram, and naturally we have a lot of questions.


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The first and most pressing is when will this mysterious CBD refreshment launch? And when it does, will we have to access to it in Australia? Considering that CBD oil is classified as a schedule 3 substance according to the Therapeutic Goods Administration, meaning that CBD products can only be sold over the counter of a pharmacy, the most realistic answer is probably no. Which, if we're being completely honest, we expected it to be. Australia is not known for the ease in which we can access international brands (see: Glossier). But nonetheless it's good news for all our American and international pals.

As for the design of this mysterious new refreshment, it's unsurprisingly cute. What, with the metallic pink can and the fun, hot pink graphics, the drink screams Jacquemus from every angle. Once again, Simon Porte has tapped into the zeitgeist and returned with a take on the wellness trend du jour and as feverish subscribers to the cult of Jacquemus, naturally we love it.

But what will a Jacquemus refreshment taste like? Your guess is as good as ours. If the packaging is anything to go off, we're sensing berry flavours, hibiscus even?

Little else has been released on the drink, but as always, as soon as more information becomes available we'll be sure to let you know.

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