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Jacquemus may be launching its own beauty line and this year just got a whole lot more bearable

If we've learned anything, it's that Simon Porte Jacquemus is not one to colour inside the lines. Over the course of Jacquemus' reign, we've seen the designer dip into pockets outside the realm of fashion. Remember Les Fleurs, the pop-up florist that sent us all into a dither? Or more recently, the unconfirmed yet highly-anticipated Jacquemus x Nike collab? Now, it appears that Jacquemus intends to break into the world of beauty.

Early whispers from WWD suggests that the french designer has inked a deal with Spanish fragrance and fashion house, Puig; whose portfolio also includes Jean Paul Gaultier, Paco Rabanne, Dries Van Noten and Comme des Garçons Parfums. Could there be a fragrance on the horizon? Considering that Charlotte Tilbury is another client of Puig, it is also possible that a line of Jacquemus makeup may be on its way.

Admittedly, we're short on the specifics as Simon Porte Jacquemus hasn't exactly spoken out publicly to confirm the intel. But, why would we let this one small detail get in the way of our Jacquemus Beauty fantasies? Which begs the question, what would a Jacquemus beauty line look or smell like?

As a Salon-de-Provence native, and with runways and imagery grounded in the natural world - Valensole's lavender fields, dreamy crops of wheat and lush Hawaiian mountains - a perfume feels like the first and obvious choice for a Jacquemus beauty line. Think herbaceous flowers endemic to Marseille and warm amber to mirror the sun.

But a fully-fledged makeup line would also be fitting for Jacquemus. Naturally, the products would err on the side of fresh-faced, minimal beauty with an emphasis on sun-kissed skin; a look that is favoured on both Jacquemus' catwalks and campaigns. We can visualise it already. Imagine tucking a single pot of all-purpose blush and lip balm into your mini Le Chiquito.

As far as launch dates are concerned, we haven't heard a peep. Although, if this beauty line was to come into fruition, we could expect a drop as early as 2022.

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