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Break out your rhinestone chaps because Jack Harlow and Dolly Parton may be about to collaborate on a new sexy single

Jack Harlow and Dolly Parton

In news that will come as a surprise to absolutely no one, Jack Harlow is becoming infinitely sexier by the minute, and it's all thanks to his taste in queenly music heroines. Naturally, we would expect nothing less of the man who sampled Fergie's Y2k anthem Glamorous in his most recent hit single. Given his slant towards the female empowerment genre, it was only a matter of time before Harlow took this up another level. Yes, it seems for the next musical notch on his belt he wants to feature our crooning feminist icon Dolly Parton.



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What do we know about the Jack Harlow and Dolly Parton collaboration so far?

According to Rolling Stone, Harlow discussed the dream team behind his latest album, including Rogét Chaheyd, who has just been nominated for the Producer of the Year Grammy, and Angel Lopez, the former team of Timbaland and Kanye West. Looking beyond his new squad, Harlow has set his sights on future musical icons to feature. While not a lot has been revealed, he shared that his team is in the works with Parton's about the two making some "music magic". Which in all honesty, sounds like the atypical casting couch slang you'd hear in any Nashville music studio.

What else can we expect?

It seems Harlow has yet to give away any details of the track list or any other saucy details. But in the most ample expression of edging, he has teased the intro of a song called 'Blade of Grass' with what appears to be an unforgettable line.

“Like a blade of grass wants sunlight/ I just want that ass.”. Well, we don't know about you but our brains are in overdrive imagining that hook accompanied by a Dolly harmony.

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