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Alone but never lonely with our isolation playlist

Isolation Playlist Alexandra Agoston Chris Colls

As isolation lifts in some parts of the world, others fall back into lock downs and second quarantines. The world is in a state of flux and we are facing seemingly never ending knocks to our lives: politically, financially and mentally (at the very least). Whilst we all know that the isolation and sacrifices we are making necessary evils in order to overcome this pandemic, it can be draining. No one said it would be easy, it is however, ‘all for the best’.

Perhaps skincare, natural wine and baking just aren’t cutting it emotionally for you anymore? So instead of re-reading Camus’ The Plague, let’s listen to Scott Walker.

Covering all of your moods, from loneliness, to reflection, to introspection and optimism, let music be our solace and remind us we are never alone.

That's just what this isolation playlist is for.

We can have Hvaal’s conceptual romance in lieu of something more physical. We can have phone calls with Kraftwerk and enjoy the sunshine with Jonathan Bree. Johnny Thunders knew we couldn’t put our arms around our memories, and Ronnie Spector is reminding how, now more than ever, we need them. We can just fall down into the sound and ‘this modern condition that we are in’ with Sinead O'Brien. Whilst music isn’t a complete substitute for therapy, it may be cheaper and fill the hole until we are all girls ‘you can hold, IRL’.


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