Did you stop to notice the light? Photographer Isaac Brown at home with Bridget Hollitt

An ordinary instance. Did you notice how the light looks different in the middle of the day? Who are you when the world dissolves around you? An invitation to pause, to take notice and to adjust to this moment with photography by Isaac Brown and poetry by Bridget Hollitt.

I'm noticing -

how light diffuses through the atmosphere

and is cut by lines

and warms my face

and makes the shadows cool


little fold in reality

bleed of time


running through our fingertips now it's running through our minds

- and it's so much richer now.


the moment is bigger, more to see,

more to feel, more to mine

more of mine

more mine.


I like living between the two

the limbo

of light and dark


"the razor's edge of now"


of here


of this


of because


of until . . . . . . . .