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Is anyone still getting dressed?


As we move through our third month of self-isolation (with a few exceptions), it feels as though we can see the light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to getting back into the office. For some, this is dreaded, for others a returned sense of normalcy and socialisation could not come sooner. Whichever boat you're in, it means you're still WFH. This morning, I mentioned to my girlfriend that I was quite looking forward to returning to the office, if only for the fact that I would no longer be spending my days in track pants.

While my passion for loungewear is still very much sustained, there is something about wearing it 5 days in a row that just starts to feel a little less exciting. One of the reasons loungewear - to me - often feels like the ultimate comfort is because it's a proverbial treat to get into. Of course, one should always dress for comfort, but on the days when you wear your favourite freshly washed vintage Levi's which are so stiff that by EOD, are close to slicing you in half, there is nothing that feels more luxurious than returning home and peeling them off to the warm embrace of a track pant.

The only problem with my argument here, about reserving loungewear for the special occasions of after-hours and weekends, is that I have zero legs to stand on, given the fact that three months ago I put on a pair of track pants, and aside from other iterations of those track pants and an occasional switch to a legging, I haven't taken them off since.

My question to the public is, are you still getting dressed? Personally, I never even attempted looking like I had any expectation to see others outside of my home, and still have zero motivation to re-introduce jeans back into the party even though I'm beginning to resent the repetitive nature of my dressing.

Back in late March when we all went into isolation, the RUSSH editors wrote about their WFH dressing, and the general consensus was robes. Since then, I wonder what the dressing progression has been, and whether or not we all shot ourselves in the foot by getting too comfortable too fast. Did we fall down a loungewear manhole and are now unable to justify the way stiff jeans make us feel? Or come July, when we aim to be back in the office, will we relish in kitten heels and coats just because we can?

Image: Joanna Halpin