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Les Vacances d’Irina founder Irina Morosanu sends postcards from Hydra

To wear your poetry is one of the most vulnerable forms of storytelling. The vulnerability to connect to the inner self and express it is one of the most liberating acts one can do for themselves. Les Vacances d'Irina (LVDI) founder Irina Morosanu believes in incorporating stories within her clothes, and her identity, to incentivise others to express their own through them.

Morosanu was born in Romania where she worked for seven years in the fashion industry with local Romanian designers, before launching her own boutique, Les Vacances d' Irina. The brand's inception began with the golden Mediterranean sun. Inspired by the unique and authentic aura of wearing romantic silhouettes with natural hues in the relaxed spirit of summer has embedded a novelty of holiday nostalgia in her clothes. The brand pays homage to the Mediterranean relaxed life by curating simplistic timeless pieces that perfectly encapsulate the "time of simple glamour when attitude mattered more than who you were." It is only fitting Morosanu paid homage to her brand's novelty and take a suitcase full of Les Vacances d'Irina clothes to the undisturbed Island off the coast of Greece, Hyrda.

In reminiscing about simpler times, Morosanu writes postcards to RUSSH as she wallows in the simplicity of her Hydra vacation.



"We are renting from a lovely old lady … on top of a hill with a beautiful view."


"Taking time to slow down, lounge around, swim, explore the corners of this wonderful island … also enjoying the many art vernissages the island is famous for - along with keeping up with work remotely. Since launching our new pop-up boutique in Romania, I have never been busier!"



"I have a luggage full of LVDI clothes but the key items I always travel with are the slip dresses, the sailor hats and the pantaloons. They are easy, seamless items and perfect for the island."



"We love restaurant Mikkra Agglia (Little England, as the island was once known) a deliciously modern take on Greek food, amazing cocktails and a wonderful lifestyle concept store where you’ll find a selection of our clothes. Otherwise, I love making my own breakfast with local fresh fruits and various Greek yoghurts".


Images: @irimoro



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