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Postcards from Copenhagen Fashion Week with photographer Nuria Val

This was the season that felt like there was a million amazing shows, events, presentations and parties happening all at once across this city that I love so much! From being front row at Marimekko, dinner with Gant, dancing until dawn at the Highsnobiety and Levi’s party – the week did not stop, finishing with a bang at the Ganni show and their infamous party on the final night! In spite of the rain there was so much colour and life across the city, which only cemented Copenhagen Fashion Week as being the coolest fashion week to experience.



Copenhagen Fashion Week has long been my favourite fashion week, from the incredible sense of community, the creativity on show and the wonders of the city itself. This season I brought along my husband, the photographer Coke Bartrina, to come and experience the city with me.

When I travel alone I often stay in a hotel in the centre of the city, but this time we took a beautiful Copenhagen apartment right near the harbour. It felt perfect to have our little home away from home together; the true definition of hygge!



While the nights were kept busy with catching up with old friends and new, the day times also were for breakfasts, lunches and coffees – namely catching up with Cecilie Bahnsen, whose brand I have long been a fan of and who I wore to my wedding this year. I left with a beautiful new blue dress. There is nothing like wearing a Cecilie Bahnsen design and being part of her community! Its magic.

This Copenhagen Fashion Week was special for me as it was the first time that I walked the runway, having been cast to walk in the show for Skall Studio. Being not only a brand that I have loved for a long time, the collection, setting (in the Royal Library Garden!) and the cast made it a really magical moment for me. After years of attending Copenhagen Fashion Week, to play a bigger part and actually be in the shows made this season something different!



For me, I could easily bring hundreds of looks as there are so many amazing brands that I love to wear and support! For this season however, I ensured I had my staple pieces: namely my Hereu shoes, a beautiful look from By Malene Birger (queens of Danish chicness!), Tekla pyjamas, Cecilie Bahnsen looks for that quintessential romantic aesthetic, Skall Studio for understated elegance, Ganni for coolness and Marimekko for colour! I also packed some Tory Burch looks that looked amazing (even against a rainy sky) and some Gant and Bode for good measure!



Copenhagen is a city for eating for me – so many beautiful little restaurants and cafes tucked into all the corners of the city make you discover something new each time I visit! The trip would not have been complete without a cycle out to La Banchina, an amazing wine bar and cafe with the best swimming spot in the city.

Breakfast was always Apotek 57 for a traditional egg, bread and cheese plate: the perfect Danish meal! Simple and delicious.



While it was a crazy busy week for fashion, I alway look to squeeze in a trip to some of my favourite galleries and museums: Louisiana is a must-see for their permanent collection of Nordic artists, and for their breathtaking views. Closer to the city, Glyptotek carries an incredible international art collection and the Botanical Gardens is an amazing place to seek solace away from the bustle of the city.

I also caught up with some visits to some of my favourite stores, from Tekla to By Malene Birger. The Tekla store only opened this summer, so was amazing to get a glimpse into their universe. And the By Malene Birger store is always my stop off space – so many beautiful pieces and the team is always so kind and welcoming!

As a photographer, you try to capture the essence of a place on your travels, and for me, I love looking back on my time of Copenhagen Fashion Week through these photos as they surmise perfectly the feeling I have when I am in the city.

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