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An ‘Interview With The Vampire’ series is in the works and there’s only one question on our lips – where is Brad Pitt?

Interview With The Vampire series

After a year of Hollywood throwing 90s reboots our way left, right and centre; there's not much that leaves us surprised anymore. First, came the news of a She's All That remake, quickly followed by another Freddie Prinze Jr. classic, I Know What You Did Last Summer; and of course, the list goes on. But this morning, we got news of a reboot that honestly, we never thought we'd see. Anne Rice's best-selling, groundbreaking novel-turned-film, Interview With The Vampire is being turned into a television series.

Surely, this can't be real life. We've barely recovered from seeing Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise battle it out in the original 1994 film. And will we ever recover? Regardless of our own fragility, AMC Entertainment – the company behind the upcoming series – is clearly ready to reignite our love for the novel and introduce its greatness to a whole new generation.

Which, admittedly, we cannot argue with.

Just over a year ago, the entertainment company managed to exclusively acquire the rights to two of Rice's book series; The Vampire Chronicles and The Lives of the Mayfair Witches. As we now know, Interview Wih The Vampire is the first series to be greenlighted for television, and it's already been confirmed that the series will find its way onto a streaming platform eventually.

Speaking on the project, executive producer Mark Johnson shared; “The challenge of adapting for television the groundbreaking and immensely compelling work of Anne Rice is both intimidating and exhilarating... Having previously produced films from such singular works, I recognise both the responsibility and the obligation we owe the material."

If like many Anne Rice loyalists, you are worried about how the series will turn out, fear not. Rice will also be playing a part in the Interview With The Vampire series; joining the team as executive producer alongside her son, Christopher Rice. Since her novel was first published in 1976 as her first novel, Rice has gone on to sell more than eight million copies of the groundbreaking book; being regarded as one of the best-selling novels of all time.

We can't wait to see how this team brings this novel to life for a second time. Stay tuned for more details on the Interview With The Vampire series to come.


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