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4 Instagram accounts to follow through the #justiceforgeorgefloyd riots


In light of the recent racist hate crimes and murders committed against Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and George Floyd - who was murdered by four Minneapolis Police officers on May 25 - protests and riots have broken out across the USA.

The pain, hurt, outrage and trauma sparked by George Floyd’s brutal and unjust death was the final straw for many. It's driven groups and communities across America to protest and riot in the name of protecting black lives everywhere, demanding justice for the lives lost. While we are not physically there to stand behind these protestors, who are risking their lives and safety in the face of police brutality to fight for equity and accountability, we are committed to contributing to the fight. We're using our platform to amplify the voices of BIPOC. If you are interested in following or watching these protests unfold and learning more about the outrage, we’ve put together a list (which is by no means comprehensive but is a start) to the social media accounts you can follow for updates and insight.


Shaun King

Shaun King is an American writer and civil-rights activist who brings many cases of police brutality to light through his Instagram and Twitter pages. Relentless for justice, organised and informative, King is an individual who dedicates his life and work to seeking justice for the lives of POC. King provides evidence, information and guidance and has played a huge part in bringing George Floyd’s murderers to justice.


Color of Change

Color of Change is America’s largest online racial justice organization helping people around the world respond effectively to injustice by launching campaigns that move decision makers to end practices that hold black and brown people in America back.


From Privilege to Progress

From Privilege to Progress is a national US movement to desegregate the conversation about race. Their social media is full of useful anti-racism resources as well as current updates on cases and tangible ways the public can help.


Black Lives Matter

The official Instagram account for the Black Lives Matter movement. The Black Lives Matter foundation is a global organisation with a mission to eradicate white supremacy and build local power to intervene in violence inflicted on black communities by the state.


Image credit: @kerem_yucel