Indigenous creators to follow on Tik Tok

Indigenous creators on tik tok

Whether you love it or hate it, Tik Tok is a haven for a diverse range of creators.

I am firmly in the "love it" camp. Tik Tok is an amazing platform that makes us laugh, teaches us and gives many a place to speak on issues they're passionate about. It's an incredibly powerful tool. I'm sure many of us have seen how Tik Tok users managed to reserve over a million tickets to one of Trump's rallies so that genuine fans were unable to secure a spot.

Tik Tok is also a tool for learning. And there have been some wonderful creators sharing thoughts and ideas around the Black Lives Matter movement. If you're just getting started with Tik Tok or perhaps you're looking for some new content to watch, I absolutely recommend these five Indigenous Australian creators.

I promise you'll learn something and even have a few laughs on the way.



Fabulous hair, fabulous makeup. If you love fierce beauty looks, special effects makeup, product recommendations and some seriously cool curls, follow now. What more can I say? I love this account. My favourite video features her doing her makeup to Julia Gillard's misogyny speech. Iconic.


A man with an impressive beard and a more impressive collection of hats. Andrew is a creator that is able to quickly and simply distill complex issues and explain them in a digestible way. I really like his video series on continued oppression and how things like generational wealth play into our present. But despite focuses on heartfelt issues, his content is still hopeful and joyful. A great follow.

This woman exudes cool. She has that covetable gen-z, cool-girl aesthetic that I'll never quite be able to pull off myself. She has some absolutely, amazing makeup content. Recently shhe did this bright eye look inspired by Harry Styles' Watermelon Sugar. Love it. But this creator also speaks on social issues, debunking stereotypes and sharing some hard truths that we all need to hear.



Many of you probably know Emily already, her following is pretty big, around 40,000. I highly recommend her content. She's super funny and clearly very smart. I love her unique way of breaking down barriers and calling out issues but keeping us laughing at the same time. Want a quick taste? Here's a perfect example.



This creator addresses some hard topics in bite-sized ways. I follow her because I find I gain a lot perspective and ideas from her content. She often addresses specific comments and explains ideas of explicit and complicit racism. An account for thinkers.

Images taken from Emily and Sari