In her hands

AJE dress; JAC+ JACK t-shirt.

The way she builds it. We trip out of town with artist, model and musician Rachel Rutt, in collaboration with The Strand Arcade.

C&M jacket; stylist’s own bra, briefs and socks.
MANNING CARTELL top; BASSIKE jeans; shoes from Fabrique Vintage.

“I believe that in realising you are capable of undergoing change, you can sculpt it into a form of power.”

SCANLAN THEODORE dress; shoes from Fabrique Vintage; hat from Zoo Emporium.

“We were taught how to find beauty, create it out of something or nothing; cherish it; care for it. Teach someone else how to do it; share it.”

For Rachel Rutt, the pursuit of creative expression began early, fostered in a childhood spent in a commune in rural Japan. “The way objects were seen and used was stressed. Being thrown around a lot, growing up, has allowed me to be at peace with many surprises within myself,” she explains. “It opened me to understand that I didn’t have to be defined by one career, just as I am not defined by any one of my experiences.”

For Rutt, the origin of creativity is always “problem solving”, but the manifestation of the expression is “a form of relief, exclusively for the spirit ... Like meditation, it’s the point where you leave yourself (your idea of self) at the door and walk through the threshold into the realm of execution. Where the idea reigns supreme.” It doesn’t always have to be productive, either, Rutt explains. “I feel the most at peace because I have no fear and no need for outcome. I can throw it away in the end if I want to and feel just as good as if I’d painted the Mona Lisa.”

JAC+ JACK coat; SKIN AND THREADS jumper; C&M pants; shoes from Fabrique Vintage; stylist’s own hat; DINOSAUR DESIGNS rings.
BASSIKE shirt and pants; shoes from Fabrique Vintage; AKUBRA hat from Strand Hatters.

“[What's most important to me is] being able to learn and keep changing. Being able to react to the ideas inside of myself with honesty and love: for myself, the people in my life, and also those others who it might touch.”

C&M jumpsuit; stylist’s own top; shoes from Fabrique Vintage.
GINGER & SMART top; stylist’s own briefs and socks; DINOSAUR DESIGNS rings.

Clothing curated from The Strand Arcade.

FASHION Ellen Presbury
MODEL Rachel Rutt @ Chic Management
HAIR Madison Voloshin @ Vivien’s Creative
MAKEUP Isabella Schimid @ Union Management