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This makeup brand is using technology that can spot acne before you even notice it yourself

When many of us consider Artificial Intelligence, no doubt images of Bicentennial Man come to mind. But what if AI could be used to completely change the way we interact with our favourite beauty brands and products?

Following Il Makiage's release in Australia earlier this year, the cult beauty brand has recently acquired deep-tech AI based startup Voyage81. What does this mean? Well it allows Il Makiage to use Voyage81's patented hyperspectral imaging systems, the first of its kind to be compatible with smart phones. The hyperspectral imaging can be used to map and analyse skin and hair features, detect facial blood flows, and create melanin and haemoglobin maps all from a simple photo from your own smartphone. As you can see, the technology is incredibly hardworking and yes, it can even detect acne before even you, the bearer of said acne can. How insane is that?

As we expect, Il Makiage is currently devising ways to utilise this technology to rethink how we interact with makeup; from what we can see the hyperspectral imaging will be invaluable in creating a tailored and more personal shopping experience with Il Makiage. But how does the technology work? Well, the human eye can only see three wavelengths of light; red, green and blue. However, with this software crafted by Voyage81, thirty-one different channels of light are exposed.

This isn't the first time Il Makiage has pushed the boundaries of beauty technology. Earlier this year the brand created its PowerMatch feature; through machine learning and AI the technology can match you with products catered to your own complexion and it's said to have over 90% accuracy. If only we could apply this kind of technology to our dinner options; then someone else could go through the rigamarole of picking what we should eat every evening. A girl can dream.

For a more in depth explainer of Il Makiage's newly acquired technology, Voyage81 have released a video going through all the nitty-gritty details. In the meantime, you can test out Il Makiage's PowerMatch technology here.

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Images: @ilmakiage