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Embrace maximalism – Il Makiage is the new makeup brand you need to know about

It's the fastest growing beauty brand in the US and now it's finally landed in Australia. Il Makiage is the makeup company redefining the future of cosmetics. But don't be surprised if you haven't heard about it until now.

Il Makiage has a flown somewhat under the radar. Its success has come primarily through word of mouth and organic promotion. You won't see big ads splashed on free-to-air TV.

With so many makeup brands on the market, cutting through the noise isn't easy. Even in the luxury space But it's Il Makiage's tech-driven strategy that has helped push it to being one of the most user-friendly, personalised and inclusive brands out there.

One the most unique and impressive features of Il Makiage is its PowerMatch algorithm. It's a piece of beauty tech that utilising AI and machine learning to match customers with complexion products. It's said to have an accuracy of over 90 percent. And the crazy part is that you don't need to share any photos of your face or skin tone.

I tried it and the results were rather impressive. All I had to do was answer a few questions about my skin and take on a few multiple choice questions to narrow down my shade. The shade I was recommended is almost a perfect match to the foundation I'm currently using. According to the brand, Il Makiage's engineering team used millions of data point and information from 700 different skin tone combinations to refine the brand's matching algorithm - which helps anyone find their match from amongst the 50 shades on offer.

This intelligent accessibility in part explains why the brand's 'Woke Up Like This' foundation is one of the most reviewed beauty products on the market with over 300,000 reviews. But aside from its other positive attributes, they're just really great products. The shadows blend with easy, the lip colours are high impact and the highlighters offer the perfect glow and pop.

Plus, I love the packaging. The eyeshadow cases are heavy and make a satisfying noise when you place them on a counter. Houses in a sleek, metal casing, nothing feels flimsy or cheap. It's luxurious and I certainly feel luxurious while using these products. And really, isn't that the end goal?

"My sister and I wanted to create one of the most inclusive, premium beauty lines for all, driven by technology. We truly felt that the beauty industry needed digital disruption and saw an opportunity, as only 10% of purchases were being made online in a category with a vast social presence. From the beginning, we sought out to develop a tech-driven, global, digitally-native beauty brand that would completely change the way people shop for beauty," said Oran Holtzman, Co-founder and CEO who launched the brand with his sister, Shiran Holtzman-Erel, Chief Product Officer.

“Following our incredible success launching the UK and Germany in 2020, we knew that Australia had to be next on our list. Australia is a hub for beauty lovers of all kinds, and we saw it as a natural progression.”

Il Makiage is available exclusively, direct to customer on the brand website.




Image: Il Makiage