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Chanel’s latest app is here to help you find your perfect lip colour

Say hello to the newest innovation from Chanel Beauty - it's called Lipscanner, a new generation makeup app for your lips.

Available in the app store right now, this whimsical, little piece of beauty tech allows you to let the world around you inspire your beauty look. With this app, you can find moments and colours that inspire you and actually wear them.

It's tech that can help you perfectly match your lip colour to your outfit, or just help you find a colour you've been searching for. Have you ever seen a magazine editorial and wondered exactly what shade the model was wearing? Now you can very easily find out. Here's how.

Download the app, open and you'll find a scanner that works in conjunction with your phone camera. Take a picture of whatever you like and select part of the photo to analyse. The app will then match the selected colour in the image to the nearest Chanel lipstick shade. Then you can virtually try on the shade with the makeup section of the app.

Obviously I decided to give it a whirl. I have been slyly coveting the dusty rose colour of this bottle of Bollinger on my bar cart. So let's see how it fares as a lipstick colour. I snapped a photo in the app and I was pointed to the shade Rouge Coco 434 Mademoiselle. Next for the virtual try-on tech, which I have seen before in other apps, but it's usually a bit clunky. This was seamless. As it turns out, I was loving the colour of the Bollinger box for a reason. The shade is a great match for me.

Chanel's Lipscanner was developed 100% in-house by the team. It's a world-first exclusive to the brand, one based on dual expertise. To make this happen, the app has an intelligent catalogue of the colours (including all the new ones from the Rouge Coco Bloom range) and textures of the House’s lip universe, and specific application AI to makeup.

It works on almost anything too. Internet pics, magazines, posters or even moments from nature. I tried it on the sunset last night to great effect. Go forth and be inspired by colour.


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