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How to stay in a tiny house


As it would appear, tiny homes are becoming increasingly popular right now, and understandably so. The idea of a romantic or sweet platonic getaway somewhere remote, sans wifi in a tiny, cosy cabin with no one to bother you but the birds sounds like a pretty sweet arrangement. Not to mention they are usually more cost-effective and energy-efficient. Now that travel restrictions around the state are lifting and winter is setting in, escaping to a tiny home with nothing but a couple of bottles of natty wine, a good book, and your preferred company feels like an ideal scenario for your next weekend away.

I'm not personally that interested in camping, to be honest. At risk of sounding like Meredith Blake from Parent Trap, it isn't for me, particularly in winter. Because of this camping aversion but genuine love for the remote and undisturbed countryside and a fire-pit scenario, staying in a tiny house feels like a perfect middle ground between camping and simply renting a countryside Airbnb. Below, we're rounding up some companies where you can rent (or buy!) a tiny house for your next getaway.



NSW,  Vic and Brisbane based Unyoked has a selection of Tiny homes dotted within two hours of the heart of Sydney for a close-but-not-too-close to home option. All cabins are fitted beautifully and clad with wood interiors and cosy linens. Featuring large windows for expansive views and all of the appliances one would need, Unyoked is our local go-to.


Tiny Away

Another company based across states, Tiny Away has tiny homes available for short-term stays in NSW and Victoria. With a large array of tiny home options and listings featured on Airbnb and, booking a tiny house has never been easier.



In2thewild have developed a range of eco-friendly, off-grid tiny homes that cater to all your needs. Set in NSW,VIC and QLD, you're bound to find the place that captures your adventurous little heart. Often times I find myself wishing to stay in a tiny home that caters to more than two, which is where we're in luck with these guys, as some of their tiny homes somehow sleep up to four.


Tiny Real Estate

In the interest of taking it a step further, Tiny Real Estate is a one-stop-shop resource for everything tiny home related. Perhaps you liked staying in one of the above so much that you're interested in taking things to the next level and renting one long term, perhaps you'd like to invest. Perhaps you're already the proud owner of a tiny home and are looking for a plot of land to rent to place it on. Whichever scenario you find yourself in, Tiny Real Estate have endless resources.

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