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A guide to buying vintage homewares on Instagram

vintage homewares

It's no secret that here at RUSSH, we love second hand and vintage homewares accounts. Aside from the sustainability factor which is ever-so-important when furnishing our spaces, there is something special about owning pieces that are unique and often no longer commercially produced. But with vintage homewares accounts gaining popularity and covetable items selling out fast, how is one supposed to be sure of snagging what you're after? we've listed our top tips below.

Turn on post notifications

When buying second hand on Instagram, one of the most efficient ways to stay up to date on all of the goods going on sale is to turn on post notifications for specific pages. If you follow a few accounts who continuously put fast-selling gems up, it's worth turning on notifications for these accounts. That way, as soon as something goes up, you'll be alerted and have a higher chance of commenting 'sold' faster.

Read the terms and conditions carefully

Many accounts have a solid set of terms and conditions to make purchasing goods streamlined and easy, and it's in your best interest to have a read through these to know exactly what's required of you when the time comes that you find something you like. I once successfully bought a couch three days after it was posted because I was the only person to follow the T&C's.

Do your research

No one likes an anxious panic buy, particularly if it's in the name of a fake Marcel Breuer Wassily chair or a solid marble dining table. Which is why it's important to do your research and decide what you're looking for prior to purchasing. If you are set on authenticity, make sure you know what kind of questions to ask or markers to look for to streamline the verification process. If you are simply looking to furnish your space with unique pieces, have a clear idea of what those pieces might be so you've made up your mind prior to purchasing, and always make sure you're aware of any wear/age/damage before you pay that invoice.

Cover lots of ground

If you are looking for specific pieces or are simply committed to furnishing a space via vintage homewares accounts, make sure you are following more than just the most popular accounts. Often you can find the same pieces for less just by discovering accounts that are less coveted. A great way to do this is finding your favourite sellers, and clicking the down arrow button next to the 'follow' button on their page, and similar stores will be suggested to you. Covering as much ground as possible in order to spot a treasure is always a good way to go about things.


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Image credit: @curated_spaces