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Forget Co–Star – we’ll be taking our zodiac updates from Heaven by Marc Jacobs only

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Few are immune to the nostalgia-laced world of Heaven by Marc Jacobs. Founded in 2020, the line sits at an accessible price point, offering vintage-inspired silhouettes heady with 90s teen spirit. Nothing gets gen Z riled up more than the knowledge that a new drop is on the way, especially if said drop features a collaboration or two. Take for example its team up with Nodaleto and the many fruitful partnerships with Dr. Martens. But if there's one thing that could dial up our love for Heaven by Marc Jacobs (if that's even possible), it would be to look to the stars and tap into our thirst for astrology.

Our favourite New Yorker clearly knows this. Over Instagram, Marc Jacobs dropped an astrology-themed campaign where each star sign is imagined as a Heaven outfit from the label's Fall 2022 collection.


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Shot by London-based photographer Marili Andre and inspired by Seventeen Magazine‘s May 1995 issue, first came Peipei Tang as the well-spoken Gemini, then Georgia Palmer as a fierce Scorpio. Connie Allisat and Emily Roesch appear in the campaign too, as does Greek model Evdokia Labropoulou as a charismatic Sagittarius. Tatiana Coen is a dreamy Pisces and Deba Hekmat the soft and sentimental Cancerian.


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Personally, I shared the campaign immediately among my friendship circles. If you looked in the comments, it's clear I wasn't the only one, as friends tagged each other and Scorpios and Capricorns spoke about being done dirty. Classic.

The campaign proves that Marc Jacobs knows exactly what his Heaven audience wants, and isn't afraid to dig into the nitty gritty of 90s and Y2k subculture to hand it over to us. To him we say, thank you for your service.

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