Meet our new issue muse: self-described “hugger” Heather Kemesky

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She’s a Californian girl with her sun in Scorpio. We asked her what she’d take to a desert island and she told us, a knife. Our 'Connection' issue cover star Heather Kemesky is comfortable embracing all her dimensions – especially when captured by her longtime love, model and photographer Erika Linder.

The Chanel and Louis Vuitton muses started out sharing runways and came to share a life. Both industry favourites in their own right – in collaboration, they are magic. A product of the confined yet expansive creative energy of this time – our new issue finds them at home together in the most natural of states. With intimate space allowing mutual self-expression, unhindered by outside eyes.

“I love [shooting with Linder],” says Kemesky. “Because no one else could capture me the way she is able to …”


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“We are totally comfortable with each other. And it’s intimate on a whole other level. We laugh a lot trying to be serious ... Even if I’m actually upset for a moment about something she can take a picture and it’s fine ... because it’s ‘us’. I can be all my sides in front of her ...”

Here, we take the opportunity to introduce you to the muse who helped make RUSSH's Connection issue - out now. We can confirm, she's the sweetest ever.

I feel connected when …

My mind and heart is open.

The music that speaks to me is …

Rock and roll.

My favourite book is …

Becoming Supernatural.


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My star sign is …


It suits me because ...

I'm passionate.

My community is …


The qualities I look for in a friend …

Loyalty and honesty.

Isolation feels like …

Alice in Wonderland falling down the hole and coming out with everything upside down. You know if you know.

At parties, I’m the one …

It depends what mood I’m in and what’s happening around me! Either the life of the party or fly on the wall. I can be both. But when shit goes  down I’m usually the one seeing it all. People call me the investigator.


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My friends would describe me as …

(I’m quoting the words from their mouths) the sweetest ever.

I feel connected to the earth …

When I’m in the water.

I find inspiration in …


I feel powerful when …

I’m being 100 per cent myself.

My love language is …

Quality time. Showing up. Putting you first before myself.

Text or phone call?

Calling but – depends who’s calling.


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Long hug or deep and meaningful?

Deep and meaningful long hug. I’m a hugger and a lover.

Social media makes me feel …


The most important lesson I’ve learned is …

Kindness is everything – the greatest gift you can give anyone.

The future looks …

Like a blob of white clouds with sun peeking through.

I miss …

Human connection.


Read more in the Connection issue, on newsstands and online now.


FASHION Anna Foster
CASTING Megan McCluskie
MODEL Heather Kemesky @ Viva London wears ALEXANDER MCQUEEN jacket and earring; model’s own earrings and ring.