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Co-Star feels especially chaotic right now

We know by now that astrology app Co-Star is, besides being an insightful platform to learn your rising sign, a pretty chaotic journey.

For insight for those who choose not to engage in astrology as a whole: Co-Star is an app that reads your astrology chart, provides you the information on your chart, and delivers daily updates oh what your planets might be doing that day to impact your overall experience in the world. In addition, it has 1.4m followers on Instagram where it creates hilarious and accurate memes, and delivers daily reminders to your phone (via the app) that are nothing short of chaotic, yet often relatable on a normal day.

Now, as we live through a global pandemic, I can't help but wonder, am I projecting or has Co-Star gone particularly rogue at the moment? Below, we've ranked some of the most poignant from our own phones and the people around us on a scale of: chaotic good, chaotic neutral and chaotic what?, for entertainment purposes if nothing else.


Chaotic Good

co-star astrology

Words of affirmation ARE our love language, after all.


After binging Normal People, you bet I am.


co-star astrology

During these times, sometimes all you need is a notification to validate the void you're floating around in.


Chaotic Neutral

co-star astrology

Couldn't have said it better myself when asked if I'm ready to resume 'normal' life.


co-star astrology

A poignant follow up point to get you spiralling, incase you hadn't already done so today.


Chaotic What?

co-star astrology

A nice, simple, breezy question to start the day off with. If anyone know's the answer, HMU. Asking for a friend.


co-star astrology

Considering I'm riddled with anxiety and there is a pandemic snapping at our heels, I feel less than I wonder.


co-star astrology

A little existentialism to soothe the soul? Remembering I'm just particles does have a comforting effect, I guess.


image credit: @eko.julianto