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Harry Styles is ensuring we have a hot holiday with the latest drop of polishes from Pleasing

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Harry Styles will not let a girl breathe. First the very hot music video to "Late Night Talking" and now this? By this, I mean the latest drop of nail polish from his beauty brand, Pleasing. As always, we're hyperventilating and somebody needs to pass me my Ventolin STAT.

If you're vacationing in the northern hemisphere then Harry Styles has crafted up a set of four vegan shades to carry with you this summer. Following on from Perfect Pearl and Shroom Bloom, the first two releases in the Pleasing universe, the new colours fall under the festive theme of Hot Holiday: a fitting title for summer with Harry Styles. Arriving in a sunny yellow, bottle blue, seaweed green with a transparent glossy coat too, Styles has slapped each colour with equally vivid names. There's Beach Ball, Nonna's Sorbet, Harry's Chair and Wet Bottoms. All are fuel for the imagination.

In a first for Pleasing, the brand is also releasing two skincare products to complement the drop. There's a Pleasing Spritz packed with niacinamide and hyaluronic acid, and The Everybody Oil. The latter of which nourishes the skin with ingredients like chamomile, jojoba and evening primrose and arrives with a bergamot and bitter orange scent. Which, as perfumers the world over would agree, is the olfactory equivalent of summer in Italy.


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Just as Harry Styles transported us (we wish we meant it literally) to the adult slumber party of "Late Night Talking's" music video, the campaign for Hot Holiday is equally as immersive. Beach-goers are oiled up and dressed in the most vibrant colours, eating fairy floss from their lacquered finger tips. We know where we'd rather be...

Hot Holiday is available to shop online from 9am, July 19 at the Pleasing website. Until next time.

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