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There’s a Harry Styles-themed day spa and we may have just found the ultimate form of self-care

Harry Styles day spa

If there are two things that hold the same value in my mind and heart, it's self-care and Harry Styles. In fact, I would actually argue that thinking about Harry Styles, scrolling through his Instagram and listening to his album Fine Line count as a form of self-care. It's a loose correlation, so don't hold me to it, but if you're sceptical of its merit; you'll be surprised to learn that there are many others who think just like me. So passionately so, that someone has actually created a Harry Styles day spa.

Only in the UK, am I right? A few days ago, news broke that The Abbey Hotel in Redditch; the same area that Styles was born in – have launched a Watermelon Sugar High Day Spa. The one-of-a-kind experience is being offered exclusively through Spaseekers; and as for the kind of treatments you can expect to see, they will all be inspired by, and pay tribute to the musician and his most famous tracks.

“Love that fresh, revitalised but calm feeling you get after listening to Harry Styles? Now you can turn that audible pleasure into a physical sensation - with the Harry Styles inspired spa day,” the website supposedly promises. For some reason, this is oddly starting to read like an episode of Black Mirror...

Some of the highlighted treatments include an Adore You facial; which is followed by a yuzu, pink beets and watermelon full body scrub. All the while, the melodic sound of Styles angelic voice plays in the background. You will also get to experience the "breathe me in" candle during your treatment, and if we had to put our money on it, it probably smells a lot like Styles' favourite scentTom Ford Tobacco Vanille.

Yes, it all seems a bit insane; and certainly not endorsed by the man himself. But it is true that Styles is looking to move into the realm of beauty. Just last week, we discovered that the artist had filed a trademark for a beauty company; set to specialise in the "wholesale of perfume and cosmetics." Of course, the internet went wild – but we are yet to receive any confirmation from team Styles on the project.

Until then, we'll be preoccupied thinking about how wild the concept of a Harry Styles day spa is. Might even start one up ourselves...

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