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Gucci Majestic issue

How we understand greatness is subjective. It's informed by experience, drive and a lust for something more. What isn't subjective is how it makes us feel. Getting to that place – that moment you have always dreamed of is euphoric. Magical, almost. Musician Starley is there, and she doesn't plan on anytime soon. This electricity and confidence is something she has in spades. A sentiment both she, and luxury fashion house Gucci, share. For our Majestic issue, Starley talks finding strength in everyday moments, milestones and her legacy.


Gucci Majestic issue

GUCCI jacket and top.

There’s an undeniable sense of magic that is connected to the idea of ‘greatness’. What is your own personal connection to this experience?

Yes. Greatness is magic. It's an intangible concept, but undeniable when in its presence. When I think of experiencing greatness in my own life, I think of the many years of grinding when no one was watching. The setbacks that only the people closest to me witnessed.

I read this book once called Relentless: From good, to great, to unstoppable by Tim S Grover. The main premise is that nobody starts off as great. It's about working on your craft day in, day out so that one day you might taste the sweet gift of greatness. Only then, to start all over and go after it again. Haha, it's a beautiful thing. Greatness is inspiring.


GUCCI jumper, shirt, shorts, shoes, bag, necklace, bracelets, rings; model’s own socks (worn throughout).


Gucci Majestic issue

GUCCI jumper, skirt, bag, hat, necklace, bracelet and ring.

How do you find strength in your everyday moments?

Meditation helps me a lot with centring myself and bringing me back to my inner child. Sometimes we can really overcomplicate things. But man I’m blessed to wake up and have another opportunity to be here and present.


GUCCI top, earrings, necklace and bracelets.


Gucci Majestic issue

GUCCI jumper, pants and shoes.

When in life have you felt your most powerful?

Seeing my song hit a billion streams. Even when it was at 10 million to be honest… I stunned myself. I’d worked towards something like this happening for so long that when it finally happened I was like, holy shit, I really did it. I felt like my words were powerful and they had moved people around the world. So that was a moment of greatness for me.


GUCCI top, shorts, bag, hat, necklace, bracelet and ring.

Is being remembered as ‘one of the greats’ something that has ever been important to you?

I believe I will be remembered for some amazing accomplishments in my lifetime. But being remembered as a great giver of love is probably the single most important thing to me.

As I continue to evolve, I’m learning that my flaws are there to teach me and guide me through a path of healing, so that I can love harder. I feel so much lighter now, knowing that I’m already enough as I am right in this very moment.


Gucci Majestic issue

Top: GUCCI jacket and bag.
Middle: GUCCI jumper, bag and rings.
Bottom: GUCCI jumper, shorts, bag, bracelet and rings.

You can see the full shoot with Starley and Gucci in our Majestic issue, on sale now.

PHOTOGRAPHY Bowen Aricò @ Work Agency
FASHION Charlotte Agnew
TALENT Starley
HAIR Darren Borthwick @ The Artist Group
MAKEUP Colette Miller @ Lion Artist Management