This is the Grifter beer you should try according to your star sign

grifter star sign

We look to the stars for love, for career advice – for just about anything. But what would happen if we allowed the planets to guide our appetites? Chaos, probably, and a whole lot of empty stomachs. Although in small doses, we can't help but see the fun in this prospect. Crunching on crab during Cancer season? Yes please. Eating a slab of chocolate to balance out the salad you had for lunch? We see you Libra. You could validate just about any craving with this approach, and we're totally here for it. So why not apply this to beer? But not just any beer, we're talking about the kind that comes out of The Grifter Brewing Co. in Marrickville.

Founded in 2012 by Matt King, Glenn Wignall and Trent Evans, the threesome set out to brew beer, plain and simple, without any fuss or unnecessary embellishment. For ten years, they've been doing just that and have managed to carry on independently. Now a decade later, there's something for everyone – even according to star sign if you so please.

In the spirit of trying something new or revisiting an old favourite, we're bringing you the Grifter beer you should try according to your star sign. It's all completely scientific – we swear.


Capricorn: Old Panther Black Lager


Modelled off the Schwarzbier, the oldest beer style in the world, Grifter's Old Panther Black Lager suits the goat of the zodiac to a tee. Brewed with a traditional noble hop dating back to the 1800s, it's fitting for Capricorns who are suckers for tradition. Although, the Old Panther Black Lager has been updated by the Marrickville-based brewery, speaking to the ambitious nature of the Capricorn, who would be the only sign that thinks it could make a beer with this much history better.


Aquarius: Sunshine Mid-Strength XPA

grifter star sign

Always on the cusp of fresh discoveries and newness, it's Grifter's Sunshine Mid-Strength XPA which spotlights an exciting new Australian hop, Eclipse, that speaks to you dear Aquarius. A fruit-forward beer brewed with Mosaic and Galaxy hops too, this is one to carry throughout summer as Aquarius season approaches.


Pisces: Serpent's Kiss Watermelon Pilsner

grifter star sign

Call them delusional, Pisceans have heard it before ("watermelon in a beer?"). But much like Grifter's famous Watermelon Pilsner, when you let your fish friends go wild with their intuition and creativity, wonderful things can happen. They might just change your mind.


Aries: Demon Lungs Smoked Porter

grifter star sign

Like this collaboration between Grifter and LPs Quality Meats, you are one of a kind. Your ability to play nicely with others is also proof that good things come from working as a team. As an Aries, you know your capacity for action well, and you'll also know that when mixed with impulse, things tend to get a bit messy and unsavoury. But if we think of all that fiery energy like the smoked malt of this porter, and temper it with oatmeal (or a clear vision), with the right ingredients in your court, that's where the magic happens.


Taurus: Pale Ale

grifter star sign

Like our earthy Taurean pals, the Grifter Pale Ale is a reliable source for a good time. For those who are new to the land of beer, or tend to stay in their cosy comfort zones (Yes, Taureans I'm looking at you), this is the option for you. A classic to line your fridge with.


Gemini: Lager

grifter star sign

Gemini's are known for their ability to clearly communicate, and don't get me wrong, this is definitely a lager. But like all things aligned with the twins of the zodiac, this Grifter Lager is not what it seems. Riffing on the classic European lager, Grifter has added in Galaxy hops to give this crispy style a stone fruit finish.


Cancer: The Omen Oatmeal Stout

grifter star sign

Is there anything more consoling than a rich, velvety stout? As creatures of comfort, it's Grifter's The Omen Oatmeal Stout that speaks to the Cancerians amongst us with its chocolate and coffee notes. Perfect for unwinding after a long day or staving off the winter chill, this is one to usher into your home. Although, Cancers are never ones to make themselves too vulnerable, which works out well because just one Oatmeal Stout will suffice.


Leo: Pink Galah Pink Lemonade Sour

grifter star sign

Bold and original, just like Grifter's Pink Galah Pink Lemonade Sour, Leos are here to make a statement. Pink tinnie, anyone? A sour-style beer that's secondary fermented with fresh raspberries and blended with 100% lemon juice, it rings true with your quest for authenticity. And just like the beer, your magnetic personality leaves a line of people puckering up in your wake.


Virgo: Daisy Hazy Pale Ale

A sign that marks the first month of spring, celebrate the changing seasons with Daisy, Grifter's Hazy Pale Ale. It's a match made in brewing heaven, especially since Virgo is the sign oriented towards growth, and this one is best enjoyed as the natural world begins to bloom with its tropical profile. You just have to put down the lists long enough to take it all in.


Libra: C-Boogie Cucumber Kolsch

One thing about Libras is that they're straight chillers. This is partially due to a hatred for conflict and a need for harmony, meaning there are times when you can fall into the trap of people-pleasing. When it comes to beer, these are all good qualities. Balanced and a crowd pleaser, Libras are destined for Grifter's cult classic C-Boogie Cucumber Kolsch. Is there anything cooler than a cucumber?


Scorpio: Horse's Head American Red

Scorpios are the much-maligned sign of the zodiac. However, we prefer to view them like this Horse's Head American Red from Grifter: intense, dark and if you get them at the right time, deliciously spicy. They know who they are, (and as is the case for Scorpios, see who you really are), and some of you just can't handle it. Your loss.


Sagittarius: Big Sur

Named after the rugged Californian mountains, this is a beer that speaks to the adventure-seeking Sagittarius. Piney like the forests, lean and citrusy too, this makes for a refreshing beverage on and off the hiking trail and is complex enough to hold onto the short-attention span of the centaur.

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